This forum is costing me money!!!!


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I've been good... really I have! I've been deleting the new release emails from without opening them.

But I'm a sucker for the MSEP and reading about the Japanese remix album today I'm afraid I had to go take a look. 9,723 Yen later I'm eagerly awaiting my order for it and all the TDL CD's that just came out the same day.

Guess I'm doing my part to keep the trade deficit up!



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Hello guys

Yesterday morning i received 3 CD from CDJapan , the 3 new CD released on 26th March . Now i'm waiting the release date of the DVD and the CD of Mickey's Gift Of Dreams .


Just an FYI to those folks getting the 2-CD "TDL Daytime Entertainment - Parade History". The track for "Disney's Dreams on Parade" is an edited version of the music available on the recently released "Disney's Dreams on Parade" CD. Also, according to the latter CD's jacket, the music contained in that CD may be slightly different from music played in the actual parade itself.



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Ok...first impressoins.

I like "Disney's Dreams on Parade". It doesn't sound any different from the actual parade to me; however you get to hear each unit's music, which is hard to hear in the actual parade. Thanks to Joe's excellent video of it, I was able to compare how it sounded.

I especially love the "show" mode with the 20th Anniversary theme.

The 2 disc set "Tokyo Disneyland Daytime Entertainment - Parade History" is ok, but nothing really new (unless you don't have any of the parades on other CD's). I do like the fact that the first CD is dedicated to the Anniversary parades only (I'm not sure if it says that in the CD's booklets or not), CD 2 is all of the other special event parades.

Disc 1
"Tokyo Disneyland Parade" is the same track that's on "Treasures of Fantasy"
"Disney Classics on Parade" is also the same as the tracks on "Treasures of Fantasy"
And Ditto for "Fantasy on Parade"
"Disney Carnivale" is the same track as the 15th Anniversary Music 1 "Viva Magic" CD.
"Disney's Dreams on Parade" is the opening theme song and the "show" mode only.

Disc 2 starts with "Disney's Party Gras Parade". This is the same track as found in the 15th Anniversary boxed set "15 Years of Magic".
"Mickey Mania" is the full parade soundtrack as found on numerous TDL CD's.
"Hercules the Hero Parade" is the same as found on the 15th Anniversary boxed set "15 Years of Magic"
"Donald's Super Duck Parade" is the full parade as found on the "Donald's Wacky Kingdom" CD.
"Disney on Parade 100 Years of Magic" is the opening only.
"Disney's Party Express" is the full parade as found on the "Disney's Party Express" CD. It does not contain the first track with the dance routines.
"D-Pop Magic" is the opening only.
All-in-all, it's a good listen, but again, nothing new.

The "DJ Digs Main Street Electrical Parade" is also interesting. I like track #2. The Japanese releases sure do take liberties that WDR here doesn't. Although, I don't know that the average American or European public would know what to do with many of the Japanese releases. Disney doesn't seem to have the "kiddie" stigma in Japan like it does here and in Europe.