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Re: OT: A positive story concerning EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS club shipping

As for Dave...I think most people have felt he was well-intentioned...but the road to Disney Studios Paris (substitute "hell" or your choice) is paved with good intentions.
Can't you leave the French out of this?!? :D

... and Dalisaurat, please make PARAGRAPHS! Your post is so hard to read (For this poor French guy at least!) and what an ordeal you went through! I had quite a "trip" with my own order (I think if you live in the States it seems "easier" to have things fixed!) and I won't order from EA ever again...

They are so unprofessional... in EVERY way! Kind but unprofessional!


Re: OT: A positive story concerning EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS club shipping

"it's detractors"..... See what I meant the other day, Bill?! :D
Re: OT: A positive story concerning EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS club shipping

Wow. Paragraphs. I feel like I'm back in high school. Sorry about that, I didn't realize I had run on so long. Now that I look at the post, you are all right. It is hard to read such a big block of text on screen.

Bill, sorry that my post almost had the opposite effect that I intended. While yes, I did have an ordeal, the point was that my order was caught between systems. And once I began to try and have the situation rectified, it was, and I was nicely compensated for my trouble. I guess my long-winded point was, that this shouldn't be happening anymore. I'm not sure about ordering outside the USA, but the STATUS should work for you...

A small follow-up...I placed another order and it was processed and shipped in record time. And I was able to follow it's progress to my door easily with their STATUS area online.


Re: OT: A positive story concerning EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS club shipping

Bill, I think you're right about POV.I really miss it.Such a shame. :(
Re: OT: A positive story concerning EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS club shipping

Well, I've now had two orders in a row tthat have gotten to me within 4 days of placing an order, so MY faith in their new system is really pretty strong.

Ah yes. POV. I loved that publication. And Paul F. Anderson is one great dude. But I fear you may be right that it may never re-surface. Although, I was told by Paul that if you wanted your money back you had simply to ask. Of course, that was a few years ago. Personally, I would much prefer to see his publication back in print. He's one of the best Disney Historians out there...
Re: OT: A positive story concerning EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS club shipping

Never had any problems ordering or recieving from EAC. Plus going to a ggood cause, so me happy there...
Re: OT: A positive story concerning EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS club shipping

That's a good question; it doesn't look like any statement of the kind exists on the current site. Yes, you can Google it and find lots of older information regarding Dave's participation in various charities which focus on at-risk youth but I can't find anything on the EAC site. If anyone really wants to push the matter, you can search State of California charities at

What's more interesting, at least to me, is Dave's planned EAC Insider's Club which will offer, among other things, park audio via download. Interesting. . .

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OT: Crime Pays

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Apparently David O'Neal has an official Disney gig now:

Hello Club members,

I have a great project going on at Disneyland right now, for Disneyland,
and I Need 1-2 people with video knowledge to help me on the project.

Right now we are setting up time lapse cameras, and will be doing interviews
on a project in Tomorrowland for Disneyland.

Here are the requirements:

1) Some basic video knowledge
2) Good clean Disney attitude
3) must love Tommorowland

The job would be doing some filming with me on site, helping
Wrangle cables, taking still pictures, and helping maintain
4 time lapse cameras, in addition to helping with on-property
Interviews, and basically being on the project when I need you.

There are no specific hours, but I plan to be there at least
every other day. this is not a paid job, but I will give
you a copy of the video we do for Disney, as well as
10 DVDs from Extinct Attractions.

You will not need a ticket to Disneyland as we are
going through the back.

If you are reliable, have a great attidude and some basic
video or film production knowledge let me know.

I just got this job, and need to find 2 helpers fast.
If you work out it could lead to more work at
other parks too.

We will work early sometimes and sometimes late.
So being flexiable really helps.

Please call, do not email, as I will be at Disneyland
all day.

Thank you,

David Oneal

PS check out our new BLOG with pictures from the
Disneyland legends award last week at:


Re: OT: Crime Pays

Can I call you tonight or is it too late? ;P Oh I just realized you're copy pasting it from extinctattractionclub huh? ;)

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Re: OT: Crime Pays

How does this guy get away with selling all of these audio CDs?

By looking at the combined track lengths on some of the CDs, it looks like they're nothing more than a collection of MP3s taken off of the net.

Gee, maybe we should all start selling the Disneyland Forever tracks on eBay!

Oh, wait, I think someone already is...

Is this the same person? Or someone else?

I wonder why Walt Disney Records bothers to get proper permission and pays the artists whatever needs to be paid in order to include their works on various compilations if it's as easy as David O'Neal and friends would have us believe?

The RIAA is going after the wrong people! If they got $220,000.00 out of Jammie Thomas, for trading "24 songs," I wonder what they could get out of the above seller(s) of Disney music?


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Re: OT: Crime Pays

I have always wondered why people purchase (non-officially released) Disney music from ebay or other internet sites. I just saw a post on WDWMagic where someone was excited that they purchased most of the area loops from Dave O'Neal. I made a reply post indicating that no one should purchase park music, as a majority of it is freely traded on various sites. Having people sell this music is really frustrating to me.
Re: OT: Crime Pays

I've always heard that since he gives a substantial portion of his profits to local Anaheim charities, Disney sort of turns a blind eye towards his activities. I've only seen two of his DVDs and thought they were well done.


I do agree with Pigs that the repackaging and selling of materials that are (a) copyrighted by Disney and (b) available for free on the internet if you take the time to search it out, is crossing the line. I had a similar issue with Arlen Miller selling CDs of photos from the WDW Publicity web site a few years ago.

Just my 2 cents...


Re: OT: Crime Pays

The fact remains that some of us have more money than we do the patience to track this stuff down and download & burn it. Legal? No, but Disney won't sell it to me. Thanks for all the links in this thread.


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Re: OT: Crime Pays

Even if you don't want to take the time to track the audio down, purchasing the audio from other "collectors" is not a good thing for the rest of us.

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Why spend $25...when you can get it for $15!!?

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Apparently Dave O'Neal is now selling bootleg copies of Disneyland USA.  Can Disney turn a blind eye to this?!


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Re: Why spend $25...when you can get it for $15!!?

That's quite ridiculous. It sure as heck looks like the same poster and description. I have bought things from him in the past and still get his newsletter. If I didn't love his documentaries so much, I would just have to cancel that newsletter and no longer support his DVD company with my purchases.

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Re: Why spend $25...when you can get it for $15!!?

That's the film they showed in the movies on Disneyland?!!!---- Geez!! Dave needs to keep some of that money that he gives to "charity" and hire a proofreader.

I think he's had this for sale for a while now Bill. I had taped it from the Disney Channel years back. Then again, perhaps he just ripped the copy from the new DVD!

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Re: Why spend $25...when you can get it for $15!!?

Trading unreleased tracks among friends is one thing...making a living by selling something that doesn't belong to you is quite another!

Why not turn him in?


The Walt Disney Company and its subsidiaries own the intellectual property rights to the characters, brands, titles and properties popularly associated with the Disney name and with Disney's affiliates. This includes a large number of titles, characters and other elements from Disney's television programs, feature-length motion pictures, animated productions, publications, games and music.

Disney takes the enforcement of these rights very seriously. We protect these rights so that we can continue to provide quality entertainment that measures up to the standards that our audience has come to love and expect. We welcome reports of suspected infringement of any of these rights. Please direct reports to us via one of the following methods:


Voice Mail: 818-560-3300


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