The Wonderful World of David Oneal


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David Oneal is back up to his old tricks. His latest scams involves selling drone events to people, taking a large deposit up front and then not turning up to the event. He also rents camera and video equipment from people and then fails to return it. He remarried and his second wife Sarah left him because of his abuse. He stole all her money. They have children together. He is currently being sued by many companies for fraud and is being investigated by multiple US authorities. He continues to have multiple affairs, his most recent being with Charlice Lin who "worked" with him in the company that committed fraud. Search That Drone Show, Wildly Creative Marketing, and NoctiGirl for more information about David. And be sure to check out Sex Love and Drones for information on another of his affairs.

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David Oneal is back up to his old tricks.

Yikes! :eek:

What David ought to do, it seems, is write a book on how to land women. It appears to be the one thing he's good at.

One of my favorite things about David is that he can never remember how to spell his own alias. One day it's O'Neal, the next day it's Oneal, and on another day it's Oneil. Make up your mind, David! :confused:

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