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I have checked past comments made here about that site and most of them were quite laudatory! I don't know! I'd love to gush about the site and David but, so far, I don't have good reasons!

February 16, I placed an order for 3 cds; 3 days later an email confirmed that my order had been sent and.... we're April 5 and I still have to receive anything!

I have emailed twice and I'm told that I should get my order soon but.... nothing!

My payment was received all right! I do hope not too many of you have run into such a frustration with this place!

I guess I just have to be patient! I had planned to be a regular customer! I'd be a fool if I were to be one!
Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.

I've dealt with them in the past and didn't have a problem. Sorry to hear that you haven't received what you ordered. I would demand a refund if I were you. Good luck.


Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.

Well, actually David has been busy with a special celebration for Tiki Room at the end of March and I assume few people work for him, so I'm giving the "benefit of the doubt" since I know he can be "difficult" to deal with, from what I've read!

On an other site, another customer (a lady) is in the same boat as I am, except that she's a US customer and I am in France!

I sometimes get parcel from CA. in 6 to 8 days!

It is just annoying!

Thanks for your post Ludwigvondrake!

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Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.

Please keep us informed on this situation Francois. I've been tempted many times to purchase one of his DVD's but have heard too many bad stories. It's far too much to simply give him the benefit of the doubt. True, as you were told, he was organizing a big celebration for the Tiki Room- a celebration planned specifically to promote and sell his DVD's and CD's, to more people who would probably have similar problems to yours. If he can't take care of the orders he has, why should we cut him slack because he was busy raking in more orders?
Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.

Sorry to hear about your misfortunes with this outfit. Rest assured, you are not the only one. In my dealings with them over four years or so, I can tell you a few horror stories too. Waiting for months. Disks arriving damaged (but promptly replaced.) Once a dvd box actually arrived empty. I took that to mean that the dvd was not ready yet, and the empty box was sent along to look like a mistake, but in fact it just bought them more time. Then there were a series of fictitious tracking numbers that just kept me batty until the product arrived on my doorstep. It seemed that there was ALWAYS a problem. So why, do you ask, did I continue buying from them? Because the DVDs are so great! No one else has what this guy has. He is not a big corporation, just a fan, like us, who does this in his spare time. So I put up with the amateur nonsense. In this era of electronics, we have instant access to just about everything. But this rare Disney stuff is worth waiting for, so I don't complain.

Be that as it may, I got a bit fed up too, and I stopped buying from them. I got email after email from them stating that their "shipping department" had been streamlined and orders were not getting screwed up any more. I didn't believe them. I held my ground. Their Pirates set came out. I didn't buy it. I decided to wait and see what people said online about it. Time passed, and I just never got around to buying it. I'm sure it's great though, because the Haunted Mansion set was so good.

Well, the Tiki Room set became available a few weeks ago. I got an email that said it was shipping NOW! I didn't believe it. But I just couldn't resist. So I purchased it right on the spot, knowing full well I wasn't going to actually receive it until well after the Fourth of July. I got an email a day or two later that said my order had been shipped. I didn't believe it. Fourth of July, I thought. Then, the set arrived literally four days later. All the discs were there. No scratches. It all looked perfect. The discs are blank, I thought, let's play them.

The Tiki Room documentary is the best thing they ever produced.

Take a chance. I think these guys are honest, just disorganized. They have great stuff, and it's worth the wait. And right now, it seems you may not have to wait too long.



Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.

Wow! Thank you so much one and all for the feed back! I'm quite happy I had the nerve to tell you my story here! I know that David runs his business as a sort of "Charity" and gets help from Disney people I know so... deep inside, I have the feeling that he can't be that "bad"!

So, "I'm Bidding My Time" and I know that "Someday My Cds Will Come"!

Again, thanks for the info!

I'm like TempoBayResort: I think I'll think twice before ordering again!

Merci from France!


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Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.

Who told you he did this for Charity? I wouldn't buy that for a second. I didn't see anything on his site that said that. I know he's told some of the Disney Legends he's interviewed that he does it for Charity and they've been upset when they found out what he's really used thier interviews for.
Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.


By all means, order. I think it is safe. What I am saying is, place your Christmas order now.



Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.

Can you tell me about the set? I am considering ordering it and was wondering a few things.

Does it have the WDW original Tiki Room show and Pre-Show? How do they look/sound?

Does it have the Under New Management show in it's entirety? How does it look/sound?

Are there any tracks from Under New Management on the CD set that comes with it?

Any references to The Orange Bird and or Florida Citrus Growers Sponsorship?

I will most likely purchase it regardless but was just curious.

Thnak you
Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.

Who told you he did this for Charity? I wouldn't buy that for a second. I didn't see anything on his site that said that. I know he's told some of the Disney Legends he's interviewed that he does it for Charity and they've been upset when they found out what he's really used thier interviews for.
If he did that, that's pretty low :(


Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.

True, the site does NOT mention that David produces those items to raise money for charity but this is where I first read about it!

Actually, that info is 2 years old!

Monday, April 4, 2005

Extinct Attractions Club

Listening to the MousePod while I was painting yesterday, I was reminded again what a procrastinator I am. I've been meaning, for a while now, to point to the Extinct Attractions Club, I just haven't done it yet because I wanted to write up a nice little review. And so I was listening to the latest MousePod, and who should I hear interviewed but Dave Oneal, the man behind the EAC. After listening to that, I knew the universe was telling me to get my butt in gear. I had to come here and finally put up that link.

The Extinct Attractions Club is one of those cool things that I wish I could start, but there's no way I'd be able to do it. What Dave does, with some volunteer help, is produce DVD documentaries about old rides that have closed down at Disneyland. He collects old ride footage from any sources he can, he interviews the Imagineers that build the rides, he finds history tidbits about the attraction, and he edits it all together into a one or two hour long program. Then he slaps it onto a DVD and sells it. At $22 each they're a tad steep, but there is a volume discount. The proceeds go to the cost of producing new documentaries, and he's also set up a charity where he pays the back rent for people who are living in the motels near Disneyland and barely managing to make ends meet.

I haven't ordered any of the videos yet, but I'm willing to recommend them just based on the preview clips they have up on the website. Some of the rides featured include Adventures Thru Inner Space, America Sings, the Peoplemover, and many many more. And they're not just limited to Disneyland. They also have videos about Epcot, Knott's Berry Farm, and the 1964 World's Fair that Walt Disney was hired to build attractions for.

So if you visited Disneyland in the 70s or 80s, and remember all those old rides that aren't there anymore, you owe it to yourself to relive the past by checking out the Extinct Attractions Club.

Posted by Scott Schrantz at 1:09 PM.


Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.

Well, let me rephrase what I just posted because , if one goes there

one can read this... in David's words, near the end....

"We know that together we can preserve the past through
videos and DVDs and we can allow you to re-live the moments
and memories of these past attractions, and share them with
those you love.

And the best part is that your membership
fees help the people who live in hotels around Disneyland and
Knott's Berry Farm. These people are not drug addicts, they
are just having a hard time and they need our help. Please help
us to help them, there is no other charity group helping
families in hotels around Disneyland, so we might as well.

Thanks for reading.

Dave Oneal


Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.

Again, here

this is what is said:

"Besides producing historical DVDs and sharing experiences of past theme park favorites, the Extinct Attractions Club does extensive charity work for youth at risk and families down on their luck that live around the Disneyland area. Our thanks to David Oneal, the founder of The Extinct Attractions Club, for doing such an extensive job of documenting this important part of monorail history."


Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.

MORE! You see, it's "everywhere"!

01/15/2007..... so that's QUITE RECENT

01/15/2007: "Fans of Bev Bergeron and Walt Disney World Will Love This"

The Extinct Attraction Club is a company that specializes in making documentaries about Disneyland and Walt Disney World attractions, shows, and parades that have disappeared from the parks. Though the owner of the company, Dave Oneal, has good intentions, and money from the sales is donated to charity, the videos are often amateurishly produced and I've had to return quite a few due to glitches.

That aside, if you're a fan of old-time Disneyland fun and have never seen Bev Bergeron's performance in the original Diamond Horseshoe review in Walt Disney World, Extinct Attractions Club will be releasing it on DVD shortly.

Click Here to go the Extinct Attractions Club website and see a preview of the DVD.

Here's the sales pitch on an e-mail I received from them late today:

NEW DVD!! Ok Golden Horseshoe fans we have an all new DVD from our Good friend and long time show biz star Mr. Bev Bergeron! Bev played Wally Boag's Role in Florida at the Diamond Horseshoe show from 1971 to 1986! We have partnered with Bev to create a very special DVD on the history of the Diamond Horseshoe show-featuring narration by Bev himself. Plus the full complete Diamond Horseshoe Show from Florida that closed over 20 years ago.

The price of the DVD is $14.99 plus $3 shipping.
Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.


He does mention the Florida Orange Bird and Florida Citrus Growers' participation, but most of that is on the second DVD devoted to Tropical Serenade and New Management Show.

The big dvd, with the main documentary, is over two hours long. You wont believe how great the preshow was put together. Admitedly, the interior main-show videos leave a bit to be desired, but then everyone knows how hard they are to shoot. However, he has several run-throughs through the decades. Some look better than others, and some sound better than others. As a whole package, you will be satisfied.

There are four cds. If you have been collecting for decades like me, you have a lot of the music. But there are some nice surprises on it which I know you will love. My favorites were the Clyde Birdbrain Florida preshow (live, but great to hear) and the real gem, the intstrumental track from the soundstage mock-up, from before the Sherman brothers' song was written. There are alternate vocal takes of the Luau/War Chant. Wally Boag's Barker tracks with United Airlines jokes were also great. You need this set, dude.

Is the set perfect? No. The quality of the recordings and tapes varies from not-so-good to very good. If Disney put out a set like this, everything would be restored, etc. The interviews are very insightful. You will learn things you didn't know, I know I did.

As Juan would say, "Take your time, but hurry!"


Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.


I know you're all holding your breath ... so .... LET ME TELL YOU THAT...

yesterday I did get a small package from Extinct Attractions but...

I got what I'd call the "TempoBayResort Treatment"!! LOL! (See one of his previous comments Page 1!)

HALF of my order was included... without any note, of course!

So I have to wait for "round two" I guess!

The life of a Disney fan can be so "difficult" at times! LOL!


Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.

Speaking of Extinct can get 40% off DVD's until 4/15. Just enter the code "RETLAW" before checking out. Dave only does this once a year.

Absolutely! That's what his emails tell me! You get 40% right away and wait forever for your order to show up and... be glad if it's complete! That treatment seems to be all year around, not once a year!

Let's laugh it up, right?


Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.

Oh, in case anyone cares to know -- and one would be foolish to do so!! :D -- I am still waiting for the rest of my February order to show up but a May 29th email tells me I'll get something... soon! Errr... SOON!

Besides, the following posts are from another site... They speak for themselves, with some auto-promotion along the way!

"Fools Rush In....." :D

1. Some people have stated that the Extinct Attractions Club has very slow response to orders. That may have been the case a year or two ago, but I just ordered 30 DVDs (yes, 30. The cost was $273, over 6 Paypal payments)

They started arriving after only three days. For some reason, they pack them in batches of 4 or 5, so I expect to get about 7 packages altogether.

The DVDs are GREAT. Highly recommended – but $20+ per DVD is just way too expensive. Go in on it with someone, and get the 30 (less than $10 each). I assume they would let you order multiple copies of the same DVD as part of the 30.

Comment by Brian Fuchs — 3/9/2005 @ 3:57 pm

2. I have been a member of Extinct Attractions for a year or so and have bought roughly 10 DVD’s from them. I would say that their shipping in the past was average and is better now that they have a separate person handling it. The owner, David O’Neil, is a passionate guy about Disneyland in particular (you should read his story if you haven’t already) and his library of ride throughs and documentaries is impressive to say the least. The worst thing about the club is that Dave tends to be a little defensive and gruff in his communications, but given his life story, I’m incliined to forgive it. Otherwise I have been very happy with the variety and value of his products and would highly recommend them to anyone who loves Disneyland as much as I do.

Comment by Flip Fitch — 9/8/2006 @ 6:47 pm

3. I placed an order for two dvd’s on February 24th, received email on the 25th that it had shipped, contacted Dave on Mar 7th that I hadn’t received it, he said he would reship by the end of the week and today, Mar16th, am still waiting for my two dvds. My first order, some months ago, was a bit delayed and I had to contact Dave to finally receive it. But this is the first time I’ve just never received my order.

Comment by sue — 3/16/2007 @ 12:18 pm

4. Same boat as you Sue! I ordered 3 cds on Feb 16th. An email dated Feb 19 confirmed that the order had been shipped!

Wrote on March 15th that I had not received anything and I got the following answer the next day:

“Thank you for letting us know. Your order may be lost in the mail or misdirected. I can re-ship this weekend.

I will do so for you. Again thank you for your order.


949 533 2684″

Well, it’s March 31 and I have received nothing but an email yesterday saying that “they (the cds!) should arrive soon.”

I just have to be patient, that’s all LOL!

Comment by François — 3/30/2007 @ 6:29 pm

5. BE CAREFUL. The quality of the products from the Extinct Attractions Club is “Hit & Miss”. Some are good, others are pathetic.

I once purchased their “Adventures through Innerspace” DVD that was supposed to contain the entire ride. You could see okay up until climbing on the actual ride, and the exit area was watchable, but the entire ride interior was pitch black. You couldn’t see a thing.

I also puchased some of his Audio CDs. Again some tracks are good, others suck. AND he does not include a track listing for the CDs. There are partial track listings for some of his CDs on his website, but they don’t match the order of what is on the CDs. They don’t load when you copy them to your IPod either. I would enjoy the CDs much more if I knew what I was listening to.

He is almost completely unresponsive to emails and phone calls.

I, for one, have pretty much given up on this guy.

If anyone from Disney reads this, for God’s sake produce a product that fills this need amoung your fans so that we won’t have to deal with shoddy products and service like this to get what we want.

Comment by James — 4/29/2007 @ 1:47 pm

6. Something is going on at this Online Store -very fishy to me!!!!! I called “Dave” he said I’ll call you right back haven’t heard a word!!! Still no Video. I had ordered this for an elderly lady (Figment Film) who used to be a school teacher. She wanted this video before school let out to give to a teacher that is retiring. She is very confused and upset! I would never suggest this place to anyone. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! NO VIDEO! NO REPEAT BUSINESS! Does this guy actually want this business to be successful?

Comment by Amy — 5/24/2007 @ 6:06 am

7. Well, I can tell you is buyer beware. Dave is a dishonest as they come! He take money that doesn’t belong to him;

Case in point!

At one time stated he received money to give to charities! (for over 3 years) Yet that money did not go to charities! Oh! No; he pocket the money and bought homes with it and a new car. If one gives to charities its a strict process to go through and its governed by the federal government. (plus it came from his own mouth what he did with it!) Dave O’Neal hasn’t done that process; if you notice now its not mentioned on his site. He probably got someone to tell him what a bad boy he’s being. For his whole site designed changed and the charity was off. Dave sucker so many into giving; and you did that! Dave’s charity! Dave doesn’t even file taxes! So how can Dave do charity! Wake up people!

He takes from everyone! He takes Disney’s copyrighted stuff and anyone else who has something worth stealing and uses it on his DVDs without care and without permission.

You guys are paying a thief to benefit his own pockets out of the cost of others!

Comment by concern — 5/24/2007 @ 7:01 am

8. Hi all,

Normally if we are slow with an order, it is due to one of two things.

1) either we are out of supplies, or we simply have too mnay orders.

in any event we work very hard at nite to ship and during the day I edit all day.

We have cameras in our edit room and you can see me working, and call me 5 days a week.

Plus dont forget our special day for Anaheim families on July 14, 2007 in Anaheim with the city of Anaheim.

In reference to the post that said:

“Dave” he said I’ll call you right back haven’t heard a word!!! Still no Video.

I had bad cell service, I did reach her husband and have resolved that we had the wrong address:

With just two people filling orders from 8pm to 2am for over 35,000 club members, we can get behind.

That is why we now use FEDEX so folks can track their orders.

I’m here all the time, ready to help. you can watch me all day on the cameras and listen to us on our radio station and see us LIVE at our monthly events

I’m always here to help and always want everyone to be happy.

see me now at:

or call me anytime at 949 533 2684

Comment by dave oneal — 5/25/2007 @ 6:30 pm

9. Our new DVD on the railroad is endorsed by DISNEY and in fact we have been given a great amount of footage by Disney.

I hope you will enjoy it, its on the Disney railroad and features Mr. Roy Disney, in an interview that I did with him.

please take a look:

I do my best to do the interviews, transfer the films, answer 100 plus emails a day, work my day job, answer the phones, do research, create the websites, radio shows and events.

Comment by dave oneal — 5/25/2007 @ 6:36 pm

10. On CD orders, I encourage you to choose the download option. It does two great things.
1) You get them in an instant
2) you get mush more detailed track listings
3) see number 1

Comment by dave oneal — 5/25/2007 @ 7:00 pm

11. So in short,

1) I love the parks, and love what I do.
2) We are always happy to help you.
3) Order do take 2-3 weeks normally
4) you will get a FEDEX number so you can track
5) You can watch me all day online
6) You can call me anytime 949 533 2684
7) you can come see me in Orange County anytime
8) I’m always open to suggestions, I’m a video editor, and always look for new ways to streamline In fact soon, you can even download our DVDs, and then BOOM no waiting ever, and I can make new versions, and not have to ship.

In short, I’m here for you, and I hope to see you all next week in Anaheim for the Disneyland Railroad event live on stage.

If you cant make it, we will be braodcasting LIVE on as well as LIVE video as well.

So please call me, please understand I wear many hats, and work 2 jobs, but I’m just like you, I love the parks and love the history…

thanks again.

please call me 949 533 2684

Comment by dave oneal — 5/25/2007 @ 7:04 pm

12. Hello, I am back! I am post #4!

I am glad that David can be seen at all times on video, like in all those stupid real tv shows!

I DID receive HALF of my order at the beginning of April 2007 and I have been asking for the rest of it MANY times since! I got an answer on May 29 saying that I’d get the rest, I quote: “Thank you, it will arrive at the end of this week.” Of course, living in France, it takes a little more than a week to reach me and, as of today — June 10 — I still haven’t received anything!

So…. what can I say?!
I guess I am not lucky… and I don’t seem to be the only one!

Comment by françois — 6/9/2007 @ 5:33 pm

13. In all honesty, I have to say that I’ve finally received what I was waiting for… at last!

Will I order again? Hummmmmm…..

Comment by françois — 6/14/2007 @ 7:23 pm

14. As always we are here to do the best we can to bring the attractions of yesterday to you everyday.

Its always best to call (sometimes email gets in spam, or….)
so call, anytime, even collect

Comment by dave — 6/24/2007 @ 4:31 pm

15. A great choice for folks over seas, or if you just need to watch the video now, is to use our INSTANT DOWNLOAD service. It takes less than a minute and you get it NOW, no waiting.
They are cheaper, and best of all you get it NOW.
Check it out, Exxtinct

Easy huh?

Comment by dave — 6/24/2007 @ 4:49 pm

16. placed an order tuesday about a week later items came fed ex gound. wonderful product and great service. recomended

Comment by alan — 6/28/2007 @ 3:12 pm

17. Placed my order on 6/10/07 for 2 DVDs. As of 7/05/07, my order still shows as ‘being assembled’. There is a UPS tracking number (yes, UPS, not FEDEX), but it indicates that the ‘billing info received’ as of 06/18. UPS has not picked up the shipment as of 7/05/07. I am located less than 90 minutes from Orange County, so I know that there is not a problem with a major shipping delay.

I sent an email to Dave about this today (order 3311, BTW). In case Dave’s reading this, please provide an update as to when I can expect my order to ship. It’s been almost 4 weeks since I placed my order, and I’ve not heard a word.

Comment by Christine Lee — 7/5/2007 @ 8:17 pm

18. The best way to contact us for any questions is always 949.533.2684

At times emails do not reach us, so please call with any questions we are always here to help.

With hundreds of orders per month, we have a very good way to track your order and can let you know where it is.

Comment by dave oneal — 7/12/2007 @ 7:52 pm
Re: EXTINCT ATTRACTIONS site and store.

I'm sorry to hear about all the problems people seem to have with Extinct Attractions, because concept wise, the opportunity to get all of this lost footage out and to look back on its history in a serious way is something I applaud and is the sort of thing that I would love to see being done perfect.

My biggest disappointment from Extinct Attractions was their first DVD release devoted to "If You Had Wings" which inexcusably showed the video with the Demo Track audio dubbed over the scene, which is not the audio IYHW fans know and love.      Fortunately they rectified that in their second release, but it was for me at least a sad indicator of how WDW history tends to be on the short-end of the stick as far as knowledge goes with these kind of Disney history projects (and Extinct Attractions is not unique in this.    DL history has had magazines like E-Ticket, and giant books on its history, while WDW has had nothing and but for the websites "Widen Your World" and "Walt Dated World" we'd *really* have nothing).

Interestingly enough, I am currently waiting for Dave to get back to me for more than a month now about my possibly participating in one of their future videos on "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln" and "Hall Of Presidents".      It's too bad that seems stalled, but I would much rather see the people who are having troubles with video shipped get their problems cleared up first!  (I'm kind of tapped out now until we see more specifically devoted to WDW attractions)

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