The Voices of Liberty


Anybody know the names of everyone in ?Voices of Liberty?? I have a video I took from our last WDW vacation and I wanted to see who I recognized and compare the names to those on the official recordings. Are they the ones that sing on the park recordings? (Remember the Magic, Reflections of Earth...) Thanks!


PS: Do any ?Voices of Liberty? post here? Just wondering.


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I think that, over the years, there have been a LOT of people in Voices of Liberty. You've got the full-timers and the part-timers and the fill-ins and so on and so on. Contracts only last a year, although some people are re-signed-up year after year, after the annual auditions are through. I know the names of a handful of people, but only because I've see them in other groups and THEN found out they were in VoL.

Derrick Johnson is the director of the Liberty Voices, which is the group, not owned by Disney, who are available outside of Disney venues, who make the CDs. A lot, if not all of those singers are made up of Voices of Liberty singers (it's like Toxic Audio was Toxic Audio on the outside but called The Voiceovers when they were working for WDW as B&TB's opening act).

Back in High School I had a teacher....she and her husband were singers , and in the summers were members of the Voices of Liberty........they met back in the 70's as The Dickin's Carrolers. She gave me pictures of them testing the "new" costumes in the 70' view in the all-tan muslin cloth...and then the final costumes in final material and color! For a pre-holiday party, they preformed (to WDW cast members) wearing the all tan muslin they could test the design.....oh.....what was the post about??.oh yeah the Voices of Liberty......

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Active Member the top of my head, I know some VoL singers who have gone on to Broadway ("Cats"), Off-Broadway ("Toxic Audio in Loudmouth"), the Adventurers Club, major Barbershop competition and I forget what else.