The Three Musketeers

Rich T.

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I love this movie!!!! It's funny, fast, *great looking* and gives one of my favorite characters (Pete) one last chance to really shine! Best of all, Pete gets a (to quote the narrator) BAD GUY SONG - "Petey's King of France!" Set to "In the Hall of the Mountain King" no less!

Not all the songs were as great, but I did enjoy the playful takes on classical tunes. The Pirates of Penzance finale is a hoot: I loved the poor actor trying to get through "Modern Major General" while the chaos is erupting around him.

The love duet between Goofy and Clarabelle of the strangest things ever put on film :)

If Three Musketeers ends up being their last major hand drawn project, I'm glad this last hurrah did such neat things as:

1) Give Pete back his peg leg.
2) Use the creepy-style Beagle Boys
3) Have that neat scene where Mickey and Donald actually have a serious one-on-one conversation for the first time in their careers, and Donald admits that he's a jerk. Cool moment.
4) Poke fun at the fact that Mickey and Minnie have the same last name.

The only down side is wondering if we'll *ever* see Mickey, Donald & Goofy (& Pete) looking this great again. The more I see of the upcoming computer-rendered Xmas DVD, the more bummed I get. At this stage, CGI is a logical extension of stop-motion animation, and it looks it. It's art, it's great, nothing wrong with it, but it's no replacement for the hand-drawn line. When you watch the preview of Twice Upon a Christmas, it looks interesting, but then on comes the main feature, and seeing the characters in their classic-style glory feels like a breath of fresh air. Maybe someday CGI will have the snap and vitality of hand drawn animation, but that day ain't here yet. Pixar has the wisdom to pick subject matter that showcases what their medium does best.

I hope this DVD sells well, because I'd sure like to see more projects like this!

One sour note: I can't believe the soundtrack CD doesn't include any of Bruce Broughton's score!!!!! Instead we get a wretched pop version of a School House Rock song that doesn't even appear in the film!!!

Oh well, "Petey's King of France" makes up for it.

- Rich

Dr. Know

Is any of the score available to be heard in an "unadulterated" version on the dvd? Main and/or end titles? Menus? Anything???

Rich T.

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The closing credits feature a nice, long medley of the score. Excellent closing credits, BTW, done comic book style. Oh, here's a warning: They're trying out a new feature called "fast play" geared toward adults who can't work a dvd remote (I know the kids don't have that problem). When the credits start, annoying red subtitles come on to tell you to stay tuned for bonus material that will play automatically. To avoid the subtitles, be sure to go to the main menu before the movie starts and play the feature normally from there.

Back to the music...the menu features a fun loop (the voices only play through it the first time through). It's just a medley of a couple of the classical parodies, but it's lively. If a dark ride existed based on this film, the loop would make great waiting line music. :)

Dr. Know


Many thanks for the head's up. The end credits do indeed have an extended medley from Broughton's terrific score (running 7:12 !!). That will have to hold us until and unless a promo ever appears -- and that seems to be unlikely.

Thanks for the heads-up about Bruce's score being over the end credits--we'll have to try to pick up the DVD today(may have to go to the end credits first!)!