The Slipper and the Rose


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

even so not a Disney production I thought I let you know about this Sherman & Sherman movie musical as I just by pure chance found a US-import of the soundtrack CD in a store near me.

The soundtrack has been rereleased on CD - the best news about it: it is not a rerelease of the original soundtrack release from the US which was way shorter than the original European release, in fact it is even longer than that (as much as I understand) as it includes a lot of instrumental material cut from the original movie release.
The CD is available from Amazon which also states that the CD is available since 2001 - so it might be old news, but if so then I must have missed out on it...

Amazon also stocks the DVD release of the movie as but to be honest I don't know whether it is worth it. My first contact with the Slipper and the Rose was thanks to the "Cinderella" CD from Varese Sarabande (now Fynsworth Alley) that retold the famous stories with musical elements taking from all the different musicalizations of the story (including material from Disney's animated classic). On that CD the Sherman material sounded really interesting - but now that I have listened several times to the full recording of the show, the whole thing falls pretty much flat. Too much of the material sounds to similar and it all has a bit of a feeling of too few themes reused to often.

Any thoughts?




I thought you'd might be interested in this recording which showcases the work of Angela Morley, fantastic arranger, -- she also worked on The Little Prince which has just been released on dvd, and has done extensive arrangements for John Williams... -- whose own creations for Slipper and the Rose are on band 2 of that cd!

I hope you've seen the film by now and have changed opinion...
I haven't seen it again since its original release but I keep fond memories: Gemma Craven, who'se now a West End fixture in London, is just the part....