The Simpsons Ride


The full Simpsons ride loop that is located in Florida uses many of the themes from the show. There is a collection of instrumental scores from the film itself that were composed by Hanz Zimmer. Other than a recording that has been circulating around the web there isn't anything else. The track listing below is for the recording and not the actual loop as the loop itself changes around from time to time although it does feature the same collection in a varying order and is featured outside of the Kwik-E-Mart gift shop.

1. Simpsons Theme Hill Street Blues version
2. I Am Just A Simple Paperboy
3. The Kindness Of Strangers
4. What's An Epiphany
5. Spider Pig
6. Testify
7. The Simpsons Theme v1.
8. They'll Never Stop The Simpsons
9. Like a Rib
10. Who Wants A Haircut
11. Circle Of Knife(Itchy And Scratchy Play)
12. TV Song
13. Hullaba Lula
14. Thank You Boob Lady
15. The Simpsons Main Theme
16. Who Needs The Kwik E Mart
17. Infotainment
18. Itchy And Scratchy Main Theme
19. Everyone Loves Ned Flanders
20. The Simpsons Theme v2.
21. Itchy And Scratchy End Theme
22. The Flinstones (Homer's Version)
23. The First Annual Montgomery Burns Award
24. Quimby Campaign Jingle
25. Cletus The Slack Jawed Yokel
26. Skinner And Superintendent Theme
27. The Simpsons Theme v3.

Composer Jim Dooley, who worked with Hanz Zimmer on The Simpsons Movie, composed the score for the attraction. The ride's trck listing is as follows:

The Simpson's Pre-show Film 1
The Simpson's Pre-show film 2
Ride Score
Krusty's Karnival Theme

There is also a third loop which features some orchestral themes related to the ride.