The Seas w/Nemo and Friends - Music info?


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Now that Nemo at EPCOT has soft opened, I was wondering if anyone has heard the music from it yet. I'm curious specifically about the entrance music - is it still the old 'Living Seas' music, or did they completely ditch that for some Nemo score tracks? Also whether the queue line/attraction is taken directly from the movie score, or if it's a new recording of old themes, etc.

Anyone ridden it yet?
Hey dude,

I'm heading to WDW on the 29th ... I'll be more than happy to check it for ya. My wife doesn't believe me that there used to be an ride thru attraction at the Living seas... peace.



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With all that dude and peace talk in your post I assume you're actually Crush and have the inside scoop :)

Let us know what you turn up, cha?
I'm not sure about the background music, but I do know that the song at the finale of The Seas with Nemo & Friends is called "Big Blue World," also featured in the upcoming Disney's Animal Kingdom show, "Finding Nemo-The Musical" opening soon.

The new show will have a complete score of new songs for the characters to sing. When Marlin advises his son Nemo to avoid danger, he sings, ?We swim out, we swim back in!? This leads to ?Big Blue World.? Dory sings O?Dory?s Ditty.? Toe-tapping sharks perform ?Fish Are Friends, Not Food.? Nemo sings the plaintive, ?Where?s My Dad?? Dory?s advice in song to Marlin is ?Just Keep Swimming.? And Crush?s nest of turtle dudes sing ?Go With the Flow.?

The new score was written by Tony-winning "Avenue Q" composer Robert Lopez and a capella musical "Along the Way" composer Kristen Anderson-Lopez.

I don't know if there will be a soundtrack album, but I would hope so.

By the way, there is a soundtrack of the Disney Cruise Line Cinderella musical, "Twice Charmed," available on the ships.
I kept an ear out for Russell Brower's music during my visit. It no longer plays inside, it is not in the queue, and, sad to say, I did not hear it outside (where I still heard it a month ago). :'( :'( :'(


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I'm not sure about the ride or the queue, but outside is definitely Nemo score. I think the queue was just echoey beach noises, but I'm really not too sure, I was too busy running through it to pay attention. ;)