The "real" Innoventions Area Loop


I have several versions of the Innoventions Area Music Loop. One of them is 74MB and is 54 minutes long. The other one is 19:47 long. A couple weeks ago at WDW it seemed that the 19:47 loop was the one being used in the Innoventions Area, but where is the longer loop used. Does anyone have any information on this?



The 50-minute "Innoventions Plaza" BGM that's circulating is a hybrid of the originally submitted loop and an unrelated recording of "Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" (in place of an original composition titled "Clockworks") which was assembled for an event on the west coast. The original, unedited version of this loop is not circulating and is currently played only in the Mouse Gear shop area.

When I was in the store in May, I only heard songs from animated movies so I guess it left sometime after that post.


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The 19 min loop is what plays outside all over Innoventions Plaza.
The hour long loop (as of last year) plays only in the west side entrance area of Mouse Gear where they sell sweatshirts and snowglobes, the rest of the shop has cartoon music.