The quote on the front page.


This quote caught my attention today. I think it perfectly encapsulates what this site is all about and what makes a Disney music fan tick.

“Walt Disney understood that a song is what people carry away with them. People can go to a Disney picture or park and be enchanted by it, but when they go home, the song is what they keep.”
• Robert Sherman - Disney Song Writer •

This is an understanding that is seemingly increasingly forgotten by the Disney corporation of today.

Actually it was pondering on the quote you mentioned that made me change my byline on the bottom of my posts. Walt and Herbie, a great combo man. I am tired of banging my head agianst the wall of the corporate mouse. I just want to have that childlike happiness again that Uncle walt enabled in us.
PS Do I detect a resurgence of webmaster Trent on the board? Oh happy day! ;D

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Actually I was just thinking about this quote yesterday. I was thinking about the reinstallation of "One Little Spark" in Epcot's Imagination, and if we can expect any new songs in attractions of the future. I think they will be few and far between. For one more attractions are thrill oriented and don't require the story that usually makes a song seem to fit. Music may be a bit more prevelant but I have to wonder what the ratio of off the shelf stuff to Original will be. While I understand that as a rule the general public is not interested in song and dance numbers (unless they contain a little T&A, ala Chicago) I will still hold out the hope for the day when we can enjoy a new animatronic extravaganza with a theme song (Perhaps Plectus' Fantastic Galactic Revue is on the horizon?).