The Phoney King of England


OK, so I'm listening to this old LP I found, circa 1960 by my calculation, by a folksinger named Oscar Brand. The album's called "Bawdy Songs and Backroom Ballads Vol. 3," and it collects, well, just what it says--Old folksongs of an adult nature. And the last cut on the album is called "The Bastard King of England."

Well, seems to me I've heard this song before--in Disney's Robin Hood. The lyrics are rather different, but the melody stops just short of being identical. I feel quite confident in saying that the one was based on the other. And such a naughty song, too!

Just thought I'd share. I'd quote some lyrics, but the admins would lynch me.

X-S Tech

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The Disney version (though not the film version) appears on the Louis Prima Robin Hood album on the Wonderland Music system. I don't care for any of the otehr songs but that one is so cool I just may have to get it.