The Orange Bird

Since you are researching the history of the Orange Bird character yourself, I will not go into that story here.. but about the LP, I can at least give you the cast, apart from Anita Bryant's narration. Robie Lester plays the Orange Bird, the evil cat, the mother, and the little sister.. plus miscellaneous bird voices. Sam Edwards is the father, and Ron Howard is the brother (it is obvious that he was hurting for acting jobs during this period).

The music was produced in London with the Mike Sammes Singers, and Sammes himself sings the cat's theme song.

Greg Ehrbar and I are in touch with Anita Bryant for the upcoming Disneyland Records history book, and she has fond memories of this LP.. and says to this day her grandchildren still enjoy listening to it.
Like almost everything else, I guess this is a subjective topic. I know people who had the ORANGE BIRD LP as kids, and it was their favorite. Maybe it depends on your age and mental attitude when you first hear it. Personally knowing the people involved with its production, and their credentials, also makes a difference.
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I remember having a 45 sung by the Disneyland Boys Choir (???)...not one Orange Bird song in the bunch (Oranges and Lemons, Funiculi Funicula, This Old Man and It's A Small World) but there was a picture of him, along with a large group of other "classic" Disney characters, on the back cover. Front cover was orange-colored but I don't remember the design.