"The Nutcracker Suite" from "Fantasia" on YouTube

If you love the movie, you will enjoy "The Nutcracker Suite" from "Fantasia". The music for that sequence was sorta holiday themed but it is sorta like the music you hear in a Christmas ballet rather than the cartoon sequence. Enjoy it in 6 parts as a holiday occasion.

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy ("Fantasia" Version)
Chinese Dance ("Fantasia" Version)
Dance of the Reed Flutes ("Fantasia" Version)
Arabian Dance ("Fantasia" Version)
Russian Dance ("Fantasia" Version)
Waltz of the Flowers ("Fantasia" Version)
Speaking of the "Fantasia" version, I found this on YouTube is clips from the "Nutcracker Ballet". This version is much different than the ones you've seen in "Fantasia". Here they are:

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Chinese Dance (Tea)
Mirlitons Dance (aka Dance of the Reed Flutes)
Arabian Dance (Coffee)
Russian Dance
Waltz of the Flowers

Did you see that? These clips are from the stage version of "The Nutcracker", it was similar to the "Fantasia" version. It's great to watch these clips from the stage version. Thanks to Freya1936. Merry Christmas!