The New Space Mt. (an opinion)


You know, Ive been hearing a rumor that one of the concepts for the 50th anniversary redo of Space Mt is to have the riders load on the old People Mover loading area.

Of course it will never happen (for not only cost purposes but also I genuinly think they want to save that space for Buzz) but I was thinking about it. A "Stitch Mt" concept would be perfect. The guests are riding through space trying to capture the escaped "Experiment 626". But the loading area through Circle-Vision would be all the pre-stuff from the movie.

The Circle Vision Theater would be rethemed to be the counsel and trial of the "evil genius" (Sorry I dont know the characters name).

Later we'd walk throught the ship where we start to hear announcements that Stich has escaped (maybe hearing him running through the ventilation shafts overhead) and now we have to go get him.

Then the guests would procede to the "launch pad" where we would board our pursuit vehicles and give chase.

What does everyone else think?


ps. The reason I think they want to save CircleVision for Buzz (and should) is because I read in this months Disney Magazine that TokyoDL closed down their Timekeeper and are putting in Buzz for 2004. Why wouldnt they just do the same here? Also, the PM track has so many opportunities for great target areas (The currently unused top level of the Starcade, part of the top floor of Innoventions, maybe a well placed area in the preshow area of all over the dark parts of the track. Of course they might just keep a possible DL Buzz ride completely inside the CV building...


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Yeah, I don't know what we will finally end up with on the new Space Mountain "redo", other than the track being identical to the original. I'm not sure about a Stitch retheme because it has the potential to be done wrong. If they can get Steve Davison do oversee it, then maybe it will come out alright, but they really need to do something that doesn't seem like an add-on, or just a bunch of plywood cutouts. does anybody remember when Disneyland had Afternoon Avenue in the early 90's? They re-themed the Motor Boat Cruise with Gummi Bears plywood flats, and it was pretty un-inspiring. It was still the same old boat ride, just dumb flats to look at. I fear that they could do the same to Space Mountain.

The rumors I've been hearing about a Stitch re-theme for Alien Encounter makes much more sense to me.


I remember that lame "Afternoon Avenue" concept. At the time I thought it was kind of neat, but because of the "phase one" construction for Toontown under the train tracks. But the Motor Boats were just a stupid boat ride past bad cut-outs of the Gummi Bears. Each cut-out spurting looped lines from the show every few seconds. If they went all out for a Stitch Mt concept I dont think we'd be flying past cut outs of Stitch and Lilo, they'd make more of an effert (Splash was done well).

(Does anyone remember "Blast to The Past"? UGH! lol, I keep cringing when I think about the temp redo they did on the Submarines..what was it "Cruisin' with Nemo"? ugh!!)

Im not saying Id prefer a Stitch theme, but it would work...personally Id like to see Space rethemed to the "From the Earth to the Moon" concept from Paris. I just think there needs to be somthing in there that isnt sort of this bad 70's retro. It isnt even retro its just dated 70's space themeing. Updating it "retro-ly" might actually improve it.

But the rest of "New" Tomorrowland is supposed to be that Verne/DiVinci concept and its very strange to walk into Space and have it not theme. Which is why the Paris concept would be cool...and I dont even mind retro fitting the concept to the old track...I figured that was what was going to happen anyway.

And once again I throw out the question, why can the other parks get kick ass Tomorrowlands and Disneyland has to settle for a paint job and some out dated attractions. Im sorry Paul Pressler didnt like TimeKeeper, but what does his preference have to do with guest enjoyment? OH! I forgot, we're talking about Pressler here :)



Mark....Please do not knock "Blast to the Past" to hard. I was just looking at some old video from that year and was remembering the great time to be had during that event. It was particularly well done when judged against current "events." Remember all the different bands they had all over the park? There was live music everywhere and the 50's parade that went with it was really well choreographed with four Elvis, hula-hoops, waitresses on roller skates, and tons more. I will bet you that that parade was more elaborate and entertaining than what we will see presented on Disneyland?s 50th anniversary.

I agree with you that the whole plywood cut-out thing has gotten why out of hand. I for one have given up on Disney as far as the Disneyland Resort goes. Every time I see a picture of "Disney's Seas" in Tokyo it just pisses me off that we in the USA do not get the kind of Disney quality that we deserve. We get "off the rack" re-themed carnival rides and new kiddy attractions. Did you read that they are going to build a themed indoor rollercoaster at Universal? We will soon get a cut rate version of Florida's "Tower of Terror." Is it asking too much for something new. You may have noticed that there haven't been any E ticket attractions in the works at Disneyland since Indy opened and that was quite a while ago. There are no new ones even in the works at this time.

We can't beat Paul Pressler up anymore as he has moved on to destroying the GAP. As we knew all along he was always a hatchetman for Eisner and we won't see any changes for the better at Disneyland until Eisner is gone....may it be soon.
Absolutely, SF, I've felt the same way about Tokyo for a while--they get DisneySea, and we get DCA, as well as a continuing string of closures at the MK in WDW, the latest casualty being the Diamond Horseshoe review-- with no replacements! No wait, they did give us the always enchanting Magic Carpets of Aladdin--an unimaginative midway-style ride, which clogs the central area of Adventureland and destroys the whole ambience of the land, primarily serving as an excuse to cluster Aladdin-themed merchandise stands around it--great vision, Mr. Eisner! He's got to go before I really start to think that Blaine Gibson's statue of Walt and Mickey in front of Cinderella Castle is really Walt waving us a tearful goodbye. Mike.

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I have major concerns about a redo of Space Mountain to fit Lilo and Stitch. First of all, how many times have we heard that the reason there were never any attractions based on the animated films of the 70's, like Robin Hood, was because these films contained no lush environments? Even when the story was strong they lacked compelling environments, and their attractions , which are 90% environment, would just be a bunch of "trees and rocks", to paraphrase Tony Baxter. And yet after more than a decade of some of the most dazzling animated films in the company's history, we have yet to get a good solid attraction built solely around these great films (with the exception of Roger Rabbit at Disneyland)? Oh we've had some half hearted efforts: Zazu and Iago spice up Florida's Tropical Serenade, and of course the already mentioned Magic Carpets of Aladdin. Wouldn't Aladdin have made the Greatest Indoor attraction? The possibilities with this film alone are endless. What about a Dark Ride of the film with the Magic Carpet vehicles on a Test Track or Peter Pan type system? Anyway, my point is that these good solid properties have only been used in quick fix jobs and live stage performances.
Second, would it really be easier to revamp a roller coaster inside an existing building? I know that computer technology makes coaste design and construction so much easier, but just seems like a compromise; like it would be easier to just create a totally new coaster. If they need a building in Tomorrowland to gut, I can think of a hug indoor space very near to Space Mountain that would be great! I love Carousel of Progress and America Sings, but Innoventions does nothing to preserve thier memory. I would mch rather have a great new attraction (coaster or otherwise) than a glorified arcade (even if the building does move)
On a purely practical level doing this sort of thing with the Stitch characters to Space Mountain is bad for two reasons:
1)Disney is concerned that they are losing ground to parks with more Thrill attractions (ie Magic Mountain). Their solution then is not to spend money on a new attraction thus upping the number of thrill rides, it's to spend that money to beef up an existing coaster. After all the money is spent they still have the same quantity as before, plus they have to convince people that this familiar product is new and improved.

2)I'll admit I didn't go to see Circle Vision very often. But it was there and it brought in people. With the opening of Rocket Rods we lost Circle Vision as an attraction, but had a more interesting experience waiting in the queue (kind of). But C-V's disappearance lessened the number of attractions in a Tomorrowland that should have been more grandiose than it's predecessor. The talk of connecting Space Mountain to the Rocket Rods/PeopleMover track, while having obvious visual impact, seems like a short sighted move. That is a huge chunk of Tomorrowland property that will suddenly be dependent on riders. No matter how popular it would be at the beginning, when ridership eventually lags (and it always does) that's a lot of wasted space. This is not to say that there shouldn't be huge attractions like Indy and Mansion, but we are talking about absorbing 3 attractions into one. One improved version of Space Mountain will not do for Tomorrowland what 2 New Attractions AND an improved Space Mountain will do for Tomorrowland. There are easier, better, and yes more cost effective ways to improve Space Mountain.

Now don't get me wrong I would not be opposed to Disney redoing Space Mountain if it could be done right. DLP's version was my favorite attraction there and I would love to see that level of storytelling and experience. But the Stitch Characters could be used in so many other ways. The Alien Encounter idea doesn't interest me much because I love the Florida version and can't imagine the story changes necessary to make it work with the film's characters. I would much rather see a Stitch version of Space Ranger Spin. The Stitch characters are far more compelling and would fit Tomorrowland much better than Buzz's oversized toy's (Are we in the Real Tomorrowland or a Toy Version?).
There, that's my long rambling two cents.