The Music You're Most Interseted In Obtaining (A)

There will be two polls - with 8 options each. This is the first - pick the music you want the most out of all - then do the same over at Poll 2. Then there will be a competition for the two highest (one from each poll) to find the &quotmost wanted&quot music from the MagicMusic public!Category One: Animatronic Theater ShowsCategory Two: Creative Animatronic ShowsCategory Three: 3-D or FilmsCategory Four: Thrill RidesCategory Five: Omnimover RidesCategory Six: Deceased RideCategory Seven: Mini-AttractionsCategory Eight: Area MusicIf there are enough requests for more desired audio, a second round may occur after finding this winner!Happy voiting. ;)
Let's just say, "official album quality" - which is quite impressive - so look for the one that you would love to have whether released through an album or elsewhere. :D

(Whoops...sorry for the typos, guys)... :eek:
Oh, and might I add, (probably) none of the tracks on either poll are available in such quality...and it's doubtful they will ever be without the "official process" of a release by WDR. ;)


In terms of Journey Into Imagination, are we talking ridethrough audio or area music from the queue, post-ride play areas, etc.?

Incidentally, on my last trip to WDW with my fiance and my folks, I was pleased to see that JIYI had "stepping sound effects," but it was still nowhere near as cool as the colored light drum synth thing that my brother and I loved as kids. *sigh*

matt d.

Hi Everyone,

I voted for Journey into Imagination but I'd also like a ride through of Spaceship Earth too. :D

matt d.
I've only put Walt Disney World tracks in this poll. We can start a new Disneyland competition, then compete it against the winner of Walt Disney World if you're interested.