The Music of Cars Land


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I wasn't sure where this went so if it doesn't go here, please move it. Thanks!


My friend Evan found this on the Disney Movie Rewards site, under Eligible Titles then Coming Soon to CD. Anyone have any info about this?


It's an album that went on sale at DCA this weekend with the opening of Cars Land. The CD has various tracks that can be heard in the background at Cars Land, including a ride-through of Radiator Springs Racers, a Spanish version of "Low Rider" that can be heard in Ramon's House of Body Art, and 6 of Mater's calls from Mater's Junkyard Jamboree (!).

I haven't had a chance to listed to the CD yet, but seeing as it's been almost 4 years since we've seen a DLR official album, it's a welcome addition.


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Here's the details from the rear of the CD

1.ROUTE 66 Performed by Chuck Berry
2.Welcome to Radiator Springs Performed by Joe Louis Walker
3.Radiator Rock performed by Joe Louis Walker

4.Mambo Italiano Performed by Rosemary Clooney

FLO'S V-8 Cafe
5.Stop in the Name of Love Performed by the Supremes

Stanley's Oasis
6.Riding in My Car performed by Woody Guthrie

Ramones House of Body Art
7.Low Rider (Espanol Fantasma Mix) Performed by War

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree (all songs performed by Larry the Cable Guy)
8.Junkyard Jamboree
9.Big Bull Dozer
10.Tow Mater (the one you want to call)
11.Maters Square Dance
12.Let's Go Driving

13. Radiator Springs Racers Full Attraction Ride Through (Beautiful Track of this Amazing Attraction!)
features all the Voices, Music, Dialog, and Sound Effects

Additional Album Credits
Executive Music Producer Chris Montan
Album Producer: John Dennis
Carsland Executive Producer: Kathy Mangum
Called Disneyland Merchandise (1-877-560-6477) about this today. I did get a UPC # 400006789853.

However, they are sold out right now. They expect to get more next month. Just thought I would pass on the information I received.


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I just called the DL Merchandise number and they said the computers show the cd out of stock, but have plenty at Ramone's.


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I wonder if this is done on purpose to increase demand (like they do with new products in the supermarkets - advertise them on TV and get a limited supply in then everyone asks for it and they sell loads when it finally arrives! Of course, keep it available in the park as they are unlikely to come back later when it's in stock.

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I'm certain it was NOT done on purpose. This is just Disney woefully underestimating (again) just how much people want land / park / attraction specific merchandise.


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DLRP have (apart from this year for the new parade) gone one step further. They just don't bother!
Got mine in the mail while I was out of town for 2 weeks. Listened to it today. Pretty good. When I got my packing slip, I did notice that it said "Limit 2" on it. Did not know they put a limit on how many you can buy.


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Interesting. That suggests that they may be aware that they are going to be collectable so stopping dealers buying in bulk to sell outside the park at silly prices.
Most genuine fans wouldn't need more than two copies |(on untouched and one to play).


Just an FYI for anybody trying to document the complete Cars Land loop. There is approximately four hours of BGM used in Cars Land. In addition there is currently an X-mas loop being prepared as well.


^ That's going to be a lot of fun, retro Christmas music. Looking forward to that! I hope Buena Vista Street also has a special holiday loop (I'm sure it will).