The Most Magical Place on Earth


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I was going through some of my WDW mp3's trying to get stuff organized and came across 2 files. I was wondering if anybody had any information on them.

1) MK - Opening Celebration - Most Magical Place on earth Track length 11min 02sec.

*I have to admit that this is probably my favorite WDW track that I own. Makes you feel like you are right on Main Street.

2) MK - Opening Theme Track length 6min 16 sec.

* This track is all instrumental with Disney songs. It has a completely different sound from the MK Main Entrance.

Thanks for the help.
it's part of the good morning/trolley show we do.

Isn't it cute? it's available on the new WDW Official Album.



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It is the best show!!! I remember hearing and watching it, but couldn't remember if it was still going on.

I am going to WDW in May. Will have to pick up the Official Album then.

Thank you SpectroPluto

And a special thanks to Mr. Thorton for putting out such great tracks that we can all enjoy from the parks.