The Mickey Mouse Revue


Joe, thank you so much for sharing this with us. You did a fantastic job! I have not seen the show since 1978 in Florida when I was twelve. It's just as I remembered it and even more wonderful.

Seeing it again brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. What a fantastic show. I miss it so much.

Thanks Joe!!



;) Hello folks, I have put up a video of "The Mickey Mouse Revue" attraction at Tokyo Disneyland. It includes the pre-show room and film too. You can access it by going to and using a username (astro) and password (blasters). It is a large 88mb file so I recommend broadband connection. Thanks and hope you enjoy!


Any idea when there is enough bandwidth to repost this and the Buzz files? I'm ANXIOUSLY awaiting them. :) Thanks in advance!
Hey Joe could you please drop me an "e" ( or leave a Private Message in my box. Haven't heard from you & would like to know the status of the videos you were putting together for me. I would've put this in your PM box but wasn't sure if you'd see it