The many and varied sounds of Spaceship Earth

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Does anyone know what the audio changes were with the various versions of SSE? In other words, when the narrator changed from Vic Perrin to Walter Kronkite, or from Kronkite to Jeremy Irons, did the set piece audio change also? It seems like a lot of it wouldn't need to. THe Greek, Roman, Dark Ages seem like areas that could use the same audio through all three versions. Does anyone know?


1982 Vic Perrin
1986 Walter Cronkite
1994 Jeremy Irons
I think most of the animatronic's dialog hasn't changed since 1982. I'm not sure but I think the backround music (or sounds) changed everytime. Of course in 1994 a whole new score by Edo Guidotti was put in and new dialog was added for the various scenes added in the finale. The load spiel was changed when they added the warning TVs. The load and unload spiel in 2004 changed when AT&T left.


Yeah, I'll message you about it.