The Making of Cinderella Documentary- (1995)


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I'm not sure how often Disney films and the documentaries about them are discussed on here, since this forum is pretty much for music discussions.

At any rate, does anyone out there know where I can find a copy of the Making of Cinderella made in 1995? I know that the film was re-released on VHS in 1995. So, I checked out a copy of that edition at the library, hoping that the documentary would be on the tape after the film. Unfortunately, it wasn't.

Is there anyone out there that has the documentary? If so, would it be possible for you to make me an MP3 file of it?

Please let me know. Thank you very much.

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You might as well ask on and see if anything shows up on there as well. That'd be the typical place for something like that to get posted on


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I know that the "making of" video was only part of the collector's edition boxed set. It was a separate VHS, so it wouldn't have been at the end of the film. I think it might have been on the laserdisc, but can't be sure about that. I remember that all of those collector's sets in the 90's had a "making of" video included. I was lucky to find the Pocahontas one separated from it's set, being sold at a discount store.