The Main-Street Electrical Parade - The Disney Legend


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Hi everyone

less than one month to see the magical Main-Street Electrical at Disneyland Resort Paris .

Did you know if Disneyland in California will take their floats like Snow White and Pinnochio ?

Last performence on March 23rd


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No, I don't think Disneyland will take any of the floats. They already have Pinocchio, and Snow White's Mine cars (the mine float got ruined), however I've heard that DLP's Electrical Parade is going to WDW to be fixed up in order to be shipped off to Hong Kong Disneyland for it's opening.
Are you sure the Mine float got ruined?? because after the Hercules Electrical Parade that unit went to DLP and to my knowwledge is still in the parade there. Maybe you're thinking of the Small World floats that caught fire