The Magical Music of Walt Disney (1978)


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The Magical Music of Walt Disney, Original Motion Picture Sound Tracks with Full Color Book (1978)

Back in our day, music was on big, floppy plastic CDs called "records."

Good gravy, are there three more wonderful words in English than "new old stock?" Just hearing or reading them is enough to send a thrill through the whole body. On the list of pleasure-producing phrases, "new old stock" ranks up there with "the governor's granted a stay," or "it's benign," or "this round's on the house." Of course, not everybody thinks so, right? Sure, probably even right now there are Wooters looking at this very page, thinking "WTF, records? What is this, 1984? And they're Disney records? What am I, six?"

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Best quote on the Woot discussion board today: "Even Donald Duck on a record sounds better than Green Day on an iPod." :eek: