The Lion King - The Stage Musical - German Recording


Just a short note to let you all know: since last Monday the ORIGINAL GERMAN CAST RECORDING of Disney's Lion King is available in.

It has been released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by RCA/BMG and is officially titled "Disneys K?nig der L?wen - Das Broadway Musical im Hamburger Hafen" which translates as "Disneys The Lion King - The Broadway Musical in the Port of Hamburg". The part "in the Port of Hamburg" revers to the location of the theater the show is playing in which is located right in the port of Hamburg giving guests a view acorss the waterway with the huge container-ships coming in from the sea while enjong a drink in the foyer of the theater.

The CD includes 19 tracks:
1. Der Ewige Kreis / The Circle Of Life (word by word translation of German: The Eternal Circle)
2. Grasland Chant / Grasslands Chant
3. Der Morgenreport / The Morning Report
4. Jagd Der L?winnen / The Lioness Hunt
5. Ich Will Jetzt Gleich K?nig Sein / I Just Can't Wait To Be King (word by word translation of German: I Want To Be King Right Now)
6. Putz Weg / Chow Down
7. Sie Leben Hier / They Live In You (word by word translation of German: They Live Here)
8. Seid Bereit / Be Prepared
9. Die Schlucht / The Stampede (word by word translation of German: The Canyon)
10. Rafikis Totenklage / Rafiki Mourns
11. Hakuna Matata / Hakuna Matata
12. One By One / One By One
13. Der Wahnsinn Von K?nig Scar / The Madness Of King Scar
14. Schattenland / Shadowland
15. Endlose Nacht / Endless Night
16. Kann Es Wirklich Liebe Sein / Can You Feel The Love Tonight (word by word translation of German: May it Really Be Love?)
17. Er Lebt In Dir / He Lives In You
18. Kampf Um Den K?nigsfelsen / Simba Confronts Scar (word by word translation of German: Battle for the King's Rock (=german name for Pride Rock))
19. Der K?nig Kehrt Zur?ck / Der Ewige Kreis / King Of Pride Rock / Circle of Life (worde by word translation of German: The King Returns / The Eternal Circle)

As you can see it is omitting track 15 of the original broadway cast, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, even so the song is performed in the German version too. The recording features a huge orchestra and the cast of the German premier. Even so only very few of the castmembers are actual German the German heared on the CD is near perfect thanks to a great vocal coach. The performance (even if you don't understand the really good translations of the lyrics by Michael Kunze and Frank Lenart) are great, wonderful voices. Compared to the broadway recording none of the actors really stands that much out here, even so Rafiki is incredible and I prefer the Simba here over the Broadway cast. Anyway if you love the show this CD is a definite must buy especially as there is a multimedia-track for your PC included too:
1. a trailer of the show running 3:15. In a scree roughly 9,5 to 7 centimeter you can see some of the most stunning moments of the show while listening to the Circle of Live in the German recording. I love this video as it really brings back some of the most incredible vistas the show offers. I must admit that in some moments the quality could be higher but overall it is a great trailer which is really long with 3:15 (the staging, sets, costumes are the same as on the Broadway).
2. an interview with Julie Taymor in English. This video runs 2:08. Her first topic is the design approach she took and the difference between theater and cinema, the second topic is the special problems acting with puppets bring up.
3. an interview with Marc Hetterle. This video runs 0:42 in which the actor in full costume as Scar explains the similiarities between The Lion King and Hamlet (in German)
4. an interview with Joachim Benoit. Running 0:37 this video shows the actor is street cloths with his puppet of Zazu as he describes his part (in German)
5. an interview with Oliver Grice. In 0:41 you can see the actor as Timon with his puppet explaining that what acting with a puppet means, he does fool a round abit with the puppet (in German)

Even so three interviews are in German, the trailer alone will be something every fan of the show will love not to speak of the English interview with Julie Taymor.


P.S.: the announced anniversary CD of the Disneyland Resort Paris is not yet available :-(


Thanks Dirk. I love listening to my Lion King Broadway sound track, even though I have yet to see the play. So I guess I'll have to add this version to my want list. I heard TLK play is coming to my city next year. You know I'll be the first in line to buy tickets! ;)