The Land - pre-2005 Soarin' Rehab


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Does anyone know when the Sun / Moon version of the interior loop was installed?

I am wondering because I found another clip of the interior of the Land, this one from around late 1993 and prior to January 1994. It's a video of the Kitchen Kabaret, at the point after Kraft dropped its sponsorship, which I believe was in late 1993, and of course prior to the attraction's closing in January 1994; the video begins outside of the Kitchen Kabaret queue area, and the song you can hear is "I Gave My Gal a Cherry." This is the same version used at DLP's Big Thunder Mountain queue area and currently used at the Garden Grill; it sounds like the same "vintage" as the other WDWF Land tracks.

In April, Ben found another youtube video with a clip featuring "Darling Clementine" - this video is from 1987.

So we can say with certainty that "Darling Clementine" and "I Gave My Gal a Cherry" were used on the ground level of the pavilion prior to the closing of Kitchen Kabaret.

I do not remember, how close were the Listen to the Land queue and the Kitchen Kabaret entrance? Could I be hearing the Listen to the Land queue music in the Kitchen Kabaret video I saw?

I guess what I'm trying to determine is if the WDW Land tracks were used as the interior loop prior to the Nestle rehab of the pavilion in late 1993 and early 1994. The Nestle rehab would have included:

Living with the Land in December 1993
Food Rocks in early / mid 1994
The Garden Grill Restaurant in late 1993
Circle of Life in early 1995

I don't know if this interior loop would have included the WDWF Listen to the Land tracks. In my opinion, these seven tracks did not play in the attraction itself; I do not hear them matching up with the versions used in the attraction clips I've seen and heard. What do others think?

Something else to consider, in earlier posts, Fran?ois adamently states that no music played in The Good Turn Restaurant nor when it became The Land Grille Room. He should know; he worked there. The restaurant did not take on the name Garden Grill until after the Nestle rehab. Is this when the music that Horizons was investigating was installed?

Anyway, what I want to hypothesize is that the WDWF Land tracks, including the Listen to the Land tracks, made up "part" of the interior Land area music prior to the Nestle rehab in late 1993 / early 1994. I say part because "I Gave My Gal a Cherry" was not included in the WDWF tracks.

Any thoughts? As always, I'd appreciate any information or opinions.


While I am not sure about everything else I know the entrance to Kitchen Kabaret/Food Rocks is where the entrance to Soarin' is now. A portion of the queue and fastpass location served, no pun intended, as the theatre and stage.