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I am attepting to compile The Land music and I have some questions. I am using IRC to obtain various loops. I found an exterior (26:32) and also an interior (59:35) loop. There are also tracks that were on the Forever system like "Home on the Range", but are not in the loop. Should those tracks be in the loop? Where can the tracks from the Forever System be heard in The Land? Does anyone know the track listings for either the exterior or interior loops? Are the interior and exterior loops authentic?
Check the Interior and Exterior loops against each other. a while back there was a compilation made entitled "Interior Music" which contained the exterior pieces and the WDWF pieces as just one big mess.

To my knowledge and after discussing it with others, There's only 1 ridiculous place that is "suitable" for really listening and/or recording the audio. Not to mention that this was a pretty decently sought after piece.

The Land Bathrooms.

Some of the WDWF stuff is from the Land "of the past" mainly when Kraft still reigned (if memory serves)

Someone sanity check me on that.

Alright...the Land has basically 3 area loops at this time:

1. The Exterior
Synthesized music. This can be found as a direct file OR as a "master" file throughout the trading world.

2. Interior Loop
There is a 52 minute version circulating around the Interenet. This is not a real loop. This would, as theEpiphany said, have to be recorded in the upstairs bathroom.

3. Living with the Land
One of my absolute favorite works in Future World, this, too, is unavailable. If there is a downstairs bathroom (which I believe there is), it will most likely play this loop.

Now, "Home on the Range," and other WDWF pieces, provided much of the 'Listen to the Land' area music. This is now unheard, to confirm what theEpiphany said.

Good luck! :D
Thanks Grizzly! :)

Just another heads up for sanity's sake...Track 8 (I believe) had a horrible skipping problem once upon a time. A clean version has since been made available around the net.

Just know if you get the skipping version, get it again ;)



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So the Interior loop that I have that is 59:35 is fake. It never was played in The Land? What is it from?

The Land Exterior loop that is 26:32 is the real thing, right?

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Yep, that Interior loop is a fake. I downloaded it a month or so ago and actually posted a similar topic. :)

That loop, while nice, doesn't have all the songs that play in The Land (one example I found was John Denver's "Sunshine on my Shoulders") and it has two old Listen to the Land songs thrown in, which is wrong.

I would love to one day get the real Interior loop, but I have no way of getting a decent recording and putting it on the web (plus I won't be in WDW for quite some time, which could be a problem!). If anyone did get the real deal, I would be forever grateful!!

Exterior: Yes, the actual loop.

Interior: Many of the songs in the interior loop circulating are correct (Sun/Moon songs). However, this is not the actual recording. Furthermore, some tracks are missing, and other TOTALLY irrelevant tracks were put in it.

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For all the Land Music that's floating out there (WDWForever and otherwise) there seems to be no info available on track listings and stuff. I've asked here several times about where each or any of the tracks from the Forever system played within the Land Pavillion (were they area music, Part of the Boat Attraction, etc...) and have never gotten even a guess. But, ever the optimist (meaning I don't know when to quit) I'm asking again. So... Anyone?


Maybe the best way to get started on this would be to compile a list of all files from "The Land" known to be floating around the Net and then collectively try to identify what part of the pavilion they come from. I've got a collection of about 20 or so Land tracks that I got off IRC. I'm sure many here have the same. Let's start with those and see if we can't work out where they belong. I'm at work right now, but when I get some free time at home I'll post the names of everything I have. Others should do the same (avoiding repeats, where possible).


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Hey Everyone:

Here are the tracks that I am aware of - I am sure there are others that can add to this list.

From the WDWF:

1. Land, Darlin' Clementine
2. Land, Dixieland
3. Land, Home on the Range
4. Land, Jimmy Crack Corn
5. Land, Oh Susannah
6. Land, Old Man Tucker
7. Land, On Top of Old Smokey
8. Land, Orange Blossom Special
9. Land, Red River Valley
10. Land, Swanee River
11. Land, Take Me Home Country Roads
12. Land Turkey in the Straw
13. Land, Listen to the Land Entrace
14. Land, Listen to the Land - Instrumental #1
15. Land, Listen to the Land - Instrumental #2
16. Land, Listen to the Land - Instrumental #3
17. Land, Listen to the Land - Instrumental #4
18. Land, Listen to the Land - Instrumental #5
19. Land, Listen to the Land - Instrumental #6
20. Land, Listen to the Land - Instrumental #7

And then we have the vocal version of Listen to the Land from the old OA.

I did not include the Kitchen Kabaret tracks in this list, though the "almost" entire show appeared on WDWF

There is also the Exterior Loop that has been floating around that runs 26:16.

Anymore that I'm not aware of?

much of THE LAND music such as "Home on the range" and "Turkey in the Straw" that was on the WDW Forever system, was done during the original BIG THUNDER MT recording sessions.......those "western tracks" were actually used in the revolving restaurant: THE GOOD TURN.



I've also got "Futureworld West Area Music - The Land (EPCOT)" but that seems to be merely a compilation of most of the WDWF tracks, running 15'47".



By the way, I have this bizzare mental image of someone sitting on the toilet in The Land, with a length of wire running up into an unscrewed speaker enclosure on the ceiling for about an hour... :)



Originally Posted by: Andre Posted on: August 1, 2003, 07:40:22 AM
"By the way, I have this bizzare mental image of someone sitting on the toilet in The Land, with a length of wire running up into an unscrewed speaker enclosure on the ceiling for about an hour... :)"

I guess the trick here would be editing out the occasional flushes in post! :)
By the way, I have this bizzare mental image of someone sitting on the toilet in The Land, with a length of wire running up into an unscrewed speaker enclosure on the ceiling for about an hour... :)

Don't knock it. Some of us just take longer than others. ; )
If I could I would, but it doesn't look like I'm gonna get down this year. : (

Well...looks like these loops may not last long. "The Land" may go under some EXTENSIVE rehab starting in July...all the way up through 2007. We may lose every loop... :-
True. Esp since it sounds like they are going to rip out Food Rocks, or at least make a big whole in the wall around there, so people can get to the new "soarin" type attraction they are going to build. : ( Can some kind soul who lives there go spend a whole day in the various bathrooms before its too late?? : (

I've never used a telephone pickup, but I'll be at EPCOT sometime in September...hopefully, everything in the Land (well, except Food Rocks, of course - it may actually close this month) will stay in tact...