The inimitable Sonny Eclipse


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Hey, folks!

A couple years back I managed to get a decent live recording of part of the Sonny Eclipse show at WDW's Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland. The restaurant was closed and the crew was cleaning up for the night, but the CM's were kind enough to let me in to record what I could.

I know none of the songs have ever been released commercially, but perhaps someone on here might know of a complete recording of the show.

Rick, I'm glad to see that there's another fan out there of Sonny Eclipse, who, if my sources are correct, is voiced by blues singer/guitarist Kal David. His show is a must see for us every WDW visit--and we'll be leaving for WDW next week. I'd love to see more of the show commercially released(why not even a CD of the entire performance!), but in lieu of that, I guess it's up to our own resources. My recording of Food Rocks with my camcorder came out quite well from our last visit, so I might try Sonny this time; my concern would be the background noise, unless I was able to record like you did--or maybe simply going towards the end of the day, when there would be less of a crowd. I'll have to think about it and see what I might want to try. Anybody else have any other background information on the Sonny Eclipse show? Michael.
I know that you probably know this, but don't try recording at lunchtime - the place is packed!! And kids always go up to the front where Sonny is performing.

The only time I've gone to Cosmic Ray's without "noise" is when Tomorrowland first opens. The place should be empty for a couple hours, except for a few janitors. And, of course, the less crowded the park is, the less people will be seeing Sonny.

Did anyone hear about the leak in the roof? I heard Sonny was effected, but was later treated.
Thanks for the tip about a morning "recording session"--no question about the lunchtime noise! I can remember being in the Starlight Cafe a few times late evening, and it was fairly empty as well, so I think that that might be another possibility for a recording time. The only problem I can see with the morning is that's usually the time I'm making trans-park treks for Fast Passes.....Michael.