The Incredibles soundtrack--Hail Neal Hefti/Nelson Riddle!

Just listened to the score today......

Maybe I'm just getting to be a sucker for the oldies, but Michael Giacchino's brassy, jazzy score happily brought me back to those evenings in front of the television in the 60's, waiting to see how Batman and Robin would foil the Riddler's latest caper! Of course, all the action was fueled by Neal Hefti and Nelson Riddle's music, which The Incredibles' score gives a definite nod to.

It's very enjoyable music, and the CD has some great liner notes by writer/director Brad Bird, as well as Paul Tonks, who notes that The Incredibles' music evokes the 60's not only through the musical style, "but also in the way it was recorded. The Incredibles was completely recorded with analog equipment, not digital. Nothing was tracked(added later on); the entire orchestra, including percussion, bass, drums and piano were all in the room playing at the same time--just like they did it forty years ago." He concludes his notes by saying, "With every deliberate and affectionate musical flourish we hear history influencing the future in The Incredibles, as Giacchino recaptures the wonder we felt as a child."

I don't know about you guys, but I'm definitely going to be in our local theater Friday to see how the newest superheroes get the latest supervillain, hoping that they'll maybe even throw in a few POW's and ZAP's, just for old times' sake.......