"The Happiest Place on Earth" Theme Song!!!


I just read peterpan's post on POD and he mentioned a song that plays before the parade about "the happiest place on earth". Is this a new theme song? I haven't seen or heard it on any videos online. Does anyone have a video they would share? Any info on the song at all would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!!!

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Re:parade of Dreams Pre-Show

The preshow is in fact the "Grand Marshall" portion of the parade, which for some reason runs about 20 minutes before the parade. The music that plays during this, is taken from the Magic Kingdom Cavalcade, one of the three (or was it four) mini parades that played at the park from Jan 05 to May 5th, when there was no parade proper. The lyrics go something like this:

Come with me and you'll be in a magical fantasy
Happy faces and places you'll want to be
Explore your destinations
all you have to do
is use your imagination and the magic will come to you

And you can find fantastical frontiers
and you can play for all that you're worth
and you can face your dreams of the future
in the Happiest Place on Earth


I probably got some lyrics wrong. i've heard it a million times but just can't ungarble some of it. That should be pretty close though. It's corny as heck but well done.


Re:parade of Dreams Pre-Show

Does anyone have or seen a video of this online? I would REALLY like to hear it!

This is a very catchy song, but I have never found a video of it online. During a recent trip, my friends and I were laughing when we noticed that the same dancers, who look like Mouseketeers -- sweaters, etc. -- for this parade preshow, then later perform Block Party Bash all clubbed up and tricked out. It's great what a little hair gel and ripped clothing will do!