The Future of the Official Albums


Now that Randy is all caught up in his quest to remaster and replace each track on the official albums, I am guessing we will see the official albums being released less often than in the past. I would say that we might see an updated one every 2/3 years from now on. Depending on when Disney has new/major updated attractions, with music worth releasing on them. I am hoping that on the future official albums, some of the repeated releases, such as, swisskapolka, all aboard and maybe even, beauty and the bees (beauty and the beast), from it's tough to be a bug queue loop, are replaced with other attraction music, or expanded/replaced with more music from the same attraction, not so with swisskapolka, as there is none, but for the others mentioned.

What do you other members think should be done/added on the future official albums? What removals do you think should be made?

I understand the official albums are not just for hardcore fans, like me, but for the everyday consumer, who visit the parks every so often. That they are an item to relive fond memories of being at the parks, when you are home. I also understand that rights/clearances/money are big factors in getting more/new music released. I also understand that Randy is doing everything he can, to get this stuff out to us, to enjoy forever! I am only wondering what the future of the Official Albums holds for all of us. In other words, will we see previously unreleased retired attraction music appearing? Like from Horizons, The Great Movie Ride, Timekeeper, World Of Motion, etc... OR will we only see future attractions getting a release on the Official Albums in the future? With an occasional update, here and there!

I know you ALL, as well as some of you other members, plus Randy, know what I want released. Can you blame a kid for wanting the music he loves and wants to have, to listen to often? After all, is this not the company whose slogan is, If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It?

On a side note, my website has now been seen and commented on, by Mr. Broughton himself!