The Fab Four brings tomorrowland alive

For those of you who may have missed not sure if they are still playing in Tomorrowland. When this group played their tribute to the beatles i saw
Tomorrowland come alive like i havent in years. The Tomorrowland terrace (i still call it will never be club buzz to me.... was SRO. Talk about a great live show. Personally i think they should be kept as a permant fixture at the park. The Beatles music has spanned so many generations.....everyone was into it. (The whole "family " thing) It was so great to see the area come alive after all these dead years of the "NEW" tomorrowland.....

now if only the can put the peoplemover back so it has some constant movement....


There's a Beatles band that plays daily at Epcot's UK pavilion. They draw a pretty good crowd too. It's a nice touch.


This reminds me of the band, "Papa Doo Run Run." They used to play at the Tomorrowland Stage below Space Mountain. They played surf music and Beach boy tunes. The dance floor was packed for 15 years - from 1975 to 1990.

I looked up Papa Doo Run Run up on the web and checked out their Bio. It says they were a Disneyland "Celebrity House Band."

Disneyland has regenerated a formula that has worked very well for many years. Early Beatles songs are fun and add to the magic and fun of Disneyland.

To my surprise, I learned that Papa Doo Run Run is still together. There is a 7 minute video highlighting several performances.


Looks like The Fab Four are going to have a website soon.

And Papa Doo Run Run is selling a CD made during their Disneyland years called "The California Project." I wonder if it ever sold at the park during their stay at Disneyland.


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Having seen the Fab Four many times they are great. My friend is playing at the UK pavilion (first on on guitar). He's been doing that gig now going on 8 or 9 years.

The California Project was made available on Telarc records in the mid 80's on the cusp of the CD revolution. I think it may be out of print by now. I think i have it in my collection still.