The Enchanted Tiki Room 40th Anniversary Info...

X-S Tech

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Wow, I had heard about all this other merchandise but not the album. That's almost too exciting to believe. Here's hoping.

Dr. Know

Heck, I'll buy a dozen of 'em if it makes it more attractive to Disney. We NEED this Tiki Room album!

"Come to the Tiki Room.... Come to the Tiki Room.... SQUAAAKK!"

I'm sorry but I have to state, for the record, that The Enchanted Tiki Room is quintessential Disneyland! Without this atttaction, Disneyland is just not Disneyland. Are we all in accord?


Has the original Disneyland Tiki Room been sabotaged [sorry, I'm sure I must have meant to have typed "enhanced" there, slip of the fingers] by the same Iago/Zazu storyline that destroyed [sorry, updated] the charm of the Tiki Room at WDW?


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Hmm...I hope it's not going to be JUST the album re-released on CD. I would love something in the same spirit as the Haunted Mansion and Pirates CD's. Although, I know I will still buy the Tiki Room CD even if it is just the old album. I wonder where it will be released?


This is GREAT NEWS! I LOVE the Tiki room and all its incarnations (I guess i just have a thing for Tiki Birds, hm)

But Im with Ben on this on, I really hope this is a disc in the vein of the HM and Pirates. I mean would it be such a bad thing to release demos, shelved material, and of course the sound tracks to Under New Management and get the fever??

I Do already sort of have the entire Tiki room show already, but I would still buy this rerelease (Not out of Traders Guilt, my tracks were all bought thank-you-very-much ;) ) but more out of the support for them continuing this trend of releasing great stuff...

Oh, Please lets hope plans dont fall through...

David S.

Thanks for the info, Louis. I hope the CD happens - Tiki and CBJ original soundtracks have been at the top of my park music CD release wishlist for ages. Hopefully patience will pay off.

well, yes..the original Disneyland ENCHANTED TIKI ROOM was somewhat altered sevral years ago: it was shortened...the entire performance of "Elfenchor" was completely deleated the same time this was done an entire new sound system was the overall sound quality was greatly improved.


Dr. Know

Indeed, the sound quality in DL's Tiki Room has never been better, even if the show has been shortened and the thatched roof is sorely in need of repair.

By the way, does anyone know when the barker birds were retired both at DL and WDW? I wish they would bring them back.
Barkers have been retired from the show there's not even a show at WDW anymore. Ok well there is but it's not the " tiki room."

Just got word (I'm really lazy and havent read the last few updates so bear with me if it's old) that The Shag print will also be in a cheaper poster form for those who cant / don't want to shell out $350.00



Indeed, the sound quality in DL's Tiki Room has never been better...
Personally, I'd never refer to those astonishingly bad, muddy-sounding remixes (which effectively render the formerly boisterous "sing-along-with-us-now!" chorus vocals of The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room and Let's All Sing Like The Birdies Sing to whispered "what-the-heck-happened?" status, to name but two examples) as "greatly improved" anything. (And that's not even mentioning the painfully mistuned subwoofers.)

Many feel that these "improvements" nearly ruin the experience of the attraction. Much worse than the shortening of the original show.

Back to mono, indeed!

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Actually this is a good time to bring a qution Ive been curious about for a while. On the WDWforever tracks there was the Barker Bird for what I believed to be the Tropical Serenade. But anyone who has heard it will agree that it is a really boring and uninspired performance on Wally Boag's part. Where was there a Barker Bird in WDW? I had been under the impression that they had the preshow birds and that was it...does anyone know?

Also, Has anyone heard any new Info on this disc and when (or even IF) it is coming out?
I believe there were two Barker Birds (well, one after the other was removed) above the "Tropical Sereande" sign in WDW.

Personally, I love the Walt Disney World Forever track...
"You may wonder why I am sitting-er-roosting-er-resting up here. It is because I am tired. I MEAN! It is because I wan to tell you all about the Tiki Room!" :D

Drat, I can't even step into the new version, now. :mad: :( :-[

Yes, the barker bird at the Sunshine Pavilion was a toucan, voiced by Boag. He was refurbished in the early 1990's. The new figure was pretty much the same toucan, only with big eyes, like a Muppet. This second incarnation had a Caribbean accent, as well as a flower lei around his neck, and a small stand next to him, on which was a tropical drink with an umbrella in it.

The whole thing led me to believe that the upcoming "New Management" show was going to be like "Margaritaville," which may have been better. (MO).

All entirely unnecessary.

"When you mess with Polynesia, the gods are gonna squeeze ya!"

Wishing you short lines and low humidity...

Jeff in NY
I concur with Grizz and Jeff; the Barker Birds were part of the pre-show. I wonder what it would take to convince Al Weiss to remove both the 'Under New Management' show and Aladdin's Carpets and restore the WDW Tikis to their former glory. . .

Jessica L

What would it take?

Lots and lots of $$$$ ;)

I enjoyed the New Management Tiki Room the first time around (gasp! sacrilege, I know!) but after that it lost a lot of its appeal. The current show is in this strange limbo, where they're getting rid of the old one and setting up a new show, but we never get to see it. It's just stupid once you see it a few times. I sure miss the old days...

And I can't even remember the old pre-show - how sad is that! :-[

But at least they left the Sunshine Tree Terace - I would die without my citrus swirls... :)

"Wishing you short lines and low humidity..."

Sounds like Anahiem to me.

Heck, Jeff we even have the original roof thatching from 40 yrs ago!

Im holding out for the 2005 10 CD box set!