The electrical water pageant music


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Last time I saw the show was in 1975. I remembered I liked the music. Does anyone know if the tracks have changed and where I can find the music?

Found some old slide of the show, would love to put music too them.

Thank you for your time!


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I know that the music of the EWP changed sometime after The Little Mermaid was became more TLM-based, instead of a mixture of classical and lesser-known Disney songs. I know that as far back as 1991, it was still the "old" songs. Last I saw the attraction though (probably around last year), it was still LTM music.

If the music is commercially available anymore, I've not seen it. I have ample homemade audiotapes and videotapes of the show somewhere in our storage unit, but they're not apt to see the light of day for another 6 months or so.