The Dinosaur Album - Barnes and Barnes


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A longshot - If anyone has the "Dinosaur Album" by Barnes and Barnes, can you send me a private message? I can't seem to locate one (reasonably priced). It has a few tracks used in two (maybe three) of the AK area loops.


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Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

Robert Haimer and Bill Mumy's The Dinosaur Album: A Musical Adventure Through The Jurassic Age (1993) was released on cassette tape only. Kid Rhino R4 71501.

The Dinosaur Dance (01/13), Ugga Bugga (04/13), Watch Out (08/13), They're All Gone (11/13), and Sweet Dinosaur of Mine (13/13) are all part of the Restaurantosaurus background music loop.

Amazon's page for the cassette tape is located here. ARTISTdirect and MSN Music have lists of MP3s here and here but none are actually available for purchase/download.