The Christmas Tree by David Rose


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For years I've been captivated by a specific Christmas song that they play at DL for the holidays. I love it, but have not heard it ANYWHERE but the park so therefore never knew what it was called. Now looking at the music loop list created by xfkirsten, I believe this song must be "The Christmas Tree" by David Rose. Unfortunately, I can't find any other mention of this song anywhere and it's driving me mad! Does anyone know where I can find this song?


You'll find this selection, along with a few others that are played at the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, on a Capitol vinyl LP called THE LITTLE DRUMMER BOY by David Rose and His Orchestra. I don't know whether it was reissued on CD, but I did find his version of "Christmas Waltz" on when I searched for "david rose christmas." Best bets to find the album is eBay and thrift stores. It has a white cover with sort of a beige illustration of the Drummer Boy. Hope this helps.