?The Carnival? anniversary song


I just heard Tokyo Disneyland?s 15th anniversary fireworks show, ?Starlight Magic? and I loved it! However, my favorite part is ?The Carnival? anniversary tag. I had heard a clip from this song in ?Remember the Dreams? but I just LOVE the ?Starlight Magic? version! Does anyone know if there is another version of this song from any other parade/show or just another recording? Thanks so much!



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Yes, there are quite a few different versions of that song. You can find versions of it on each of the 4 CD's released for the 15th anniversary. Also, there was a CD single called "Disney Carnivale" that had the song in several different forms.

All of the CD's are out of print, but do pop up on Ebay now and then. You might be able to find some used copies in Japan too, but there isn't any place that I know of where you can order them.

The 5 CD's, that have versions of that song are:

Disney Carnivale - CD Single PCCD-00211
Tokyo Disneyland 15th Anniversary Music 1 - Viva! Magic / Disney Carnivale PCCD-00212
Tokyo Disneyland 15th Anniversary Music 2 - Starlight Magic PCCD-00220
Tokyo Disneyland 15th Anniversary Music 3 - Christmas Carnivale PCCD-00246
Tokyo Disneyland 15th Anniversary Music 4 - Grand Finale PCCD-00246

There really are some great versions of this song on these CD's. One of my favorites is on the Christmas Carnivale CD. It's a marching band version of Disney Carnivale.