The Black Cauldron soundtrack

Hello friends. Just wanted to let you know I'm selling an official cassette of great quality of the released soundtrack to The Black Cauldron. As you know, this has been out of print since the mid 80's. I posted it on eBay very cheap. It is like new. Here:

Before anyone complains...this discussion forum was originaly designed to sell/trade Disney music and is still encouraged. Any information on the Robin Hood CD would be of help. I'm looking to buy it. Thanks! :)
A while back when I bought The Aristocats import CD that contains the songs AND score, I heard there was a similar release for Robin Hood. Also international, also songs and score like the Aristocats CD. This might not exist, but I remember reading about it and I'd like to find out. Anybody know anything about it? Help! :)


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The only Robin Hood CD that I've ever seen is the story & songs CD from Germany. I've never seen one with the songs & score. I know Germany has released many of the "lesser" features in story & song format, like The Rescuers, Robin Hood, and Sword in the Stone.


If there ever was a songs&score Robin Hood CD it is a far more rare release than the Aristocats CD.
The latter is still available in several countries in Europe, I think.
Wasn't Robin Hood supposed to be in the Classic Soundtrack series before it was cancelled? So maybe it'll appear in the Original Soundtracks series in the near future...