The best Disney feature score?


I think we need some new topics, so I thought
I'd put this question out to see what answers
we might get. What is the best overall score
for any Disney feature?

Personally I favor the early and middle classics.
I'd be tempted to say that "Lady and the Tramp"
is my favorite because I'm a big Peggy Lee fan
as well. But I also love SW7D, Sleeping Beauty,
Cinderella, Mary Poppins, well I could go on and
on. So what do you think- the best overall score????

rob kilbride

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Hard to say but maybe Bambi, beautiful songs and a really great orchestral score. Characters have memorable themes, like Bambi, Feline, Flower.


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For obvious reasons I'm partial to Lady and the Tramp. But honestly, I think Oliver Wallace is one of the most underappreciated Disney legends (I don't even know if he was honored as a Disney legend). His underscores for Dumbo, Cinderella, Alice In Wonderland , Peter Pan and LATT, as well as countless shorts, are nothing short of brilliant.... full of warmth and magic.

If we're talking about just the song scores, though, I'd have to go with Mary Poppins. Every one of those songs is a gem!

David S.

Well said, Ladytramp! I am a HUGE fan of Oliver Wallace's underscores. They are very colorful and memorable, containing many moments of whimsy and sublimity, depending on the emotion that needs to be expressed.

He has come up with MANY memorable recurring motifs in his scores (such as "Mother and Baby" from DUMBO, a personal favorite) but he NEVER overuses these motifs!

All of the Wallace scores that have been released on CD - DUMBO, CINDERELLA, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, PETER PAN, and of course LADY AND THE TRAMP - are among my personal favorite Disney soundtracks when the score (and not just the songs) are taken into account. Of course, I think the songs from these films are all brilliant, too!

If anyone is a fan of Disney SONGS but is hesitant or unsure if they will like SCORE, I highly recommend starting with these accessible, brilliant CDs featuring score by the great Oliver Wallace!