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Since Disney is releasing many soundtracks that were dusted in their vault, I have a question and at the same time, a suggestion.
When is Disney going to release the wonderful soundtrack of THE 3 CABALLEROS? I bet it would be successful, due to the quality of the songs and score. And I also bet it would sell quite some copies, since there's many Disney fans that need that music, and also this new opinion flow and popularity of latin music in general.
Randy Thornton, please, remaster this soundtrack and give us the pleasure of listening such wonderful songs and score with those really cute and neat characters: Donald, Joe CArioca and Panchito.

Ooops! and as BONUS FEATURES, you could also give us some songs like... Brazil from Saludos Amigos or Blame it on the Samba from the wonderful Donald-Carioca short film...

Thank you.

Oh, and one more thing. Besides Lilo & Stitch, what other soundtracks we'll be adding to our particular collection soon?
EVerybody, take care of your EARS!



Re:The Three Caballeros & Saludos Amigos Soundtracks

Isolated music and vocal tracks no longer exist for those package films or much else prior to the late '50s.

The "international" (effects/music) mixes are the best you could hope for. They were, for the most part, included on the final laserdisc releases of TTC and SA.



I understood there would be some legal problems with releasing soundtracks to the package films, since Disney does not own the songs used in them.

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THANK YOU for your excellent suggestion! Both of those are EXTREMELY close to the top of my unreleased soundtrack wishlist!

Yes, I know there may be legal problems but that doesn't make me want them any less ;). I could be wrong, but if I understood Randy correctly (a long time ago), didn't the various "legal issues" regarding the older material have more to do with compilation rights? I was under the impression that a bigger issue for releasing complete soundtracks to titles such as these would be a PERCEIVED lesser demand.

I am hoping one day that if soundtracks such as these are not available through traditional retail channels, maybe they will at least be available for purchase off the internet. Disney Home Video has no problem marketing the supposed "lesser" package films as numbered "Animated Classics" so why not release the music, as the music from this era is excellent and really drives these pictures!

1313 - thanks for the tip about the laserdisc version. Unfortunately, I don't expect to be getting a player any time soon. The higher price, and the fact that you basically can't watch anything without having to stop and flip it (like an LP record) caused me to hold out and wait for DVD instead to become more "serious" about collecting films.

Disney really dropped the ball BIG TIME in my opinion by not including ISOLATED SOUNDTRACKS (WITH vocals where applicable, please) on the DVD releases such as these that didn't already have a released CD soundtrack. I know I would appreciate that a lot more than "full color artwork on disc". Right, Will? ;)



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SEE EVERYBODY? We all want those soundtracks. I do not really understand the copyright problems that Disney could have. I wish someone at the company explain to us if that's the actual reason why these albums haven't been released yet.
I hesitate to think that's why, honestly. I have some of the songs from THE 3 CABALLEROS and SALUDOS AMIGOS from various compilation releases, such as A LEGACY IN SONG.
If disney didn't have a problem then, why with the whole soundtrack. Besides that, we could apply the same rule to other disney efforts based on somebody else's work, like FANTASIA or SLEEPING BEAUTY. they were made by other people and artists, and many of us have both albums on our collection...

RANDY would be the best person to tell us what he thinks about this debate...
Randy, are you there?

Thank you, guys.



The music in Sleeping Beauty and Fantasia is practically public domain.
Of course I would buy all package film soundtracks if they were to be released, but I really doubt they will. Disney's rights to the songs may be limited to the films and exclude any album release possibility.
Also, I don't think these albums would sell very well. The films are easy to market because of Donald Duck for example. But the soundtracks to older Disney films released earlier haven't been that popular with the large audiences, AFAIK. So if Disney had to pay for the rights to release these albums and then only the die-hard fans would buy them, they would loose money.
It is sad but simple.
But still, we can hope... who knows what will happen. ;)


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Now is the time Disney should capitalize on their relationship with RedDotNet. Disney could open up their complete catalogue of older releases and make them availible online, or via the Disney Store.

RedDotNet has already signed deals with Sony, Universal Music, and BMG to release older, less marketable releases from their catalogues, so why not Disney?

Check out RedDotNet's website below to see what could be done, and see what Disney is missing out on.


i agree with you Ben, Disney has the opportunity to capitalize on this arrangement and do something similar that Rhino Handmade had been doing on their more esoteric titles.

But on Disney's 1940-50's 'package' titles there would be a lot of red-tape to secure the rights to Dinah Shore, Benny Goodman, Nelson Eddy, The King's Men, The Andrews Sisters, Fred Waring & his Pennsylvanians, and Dennis Day. Rouding up those rights from CBS/Sony, Universal, Warner, Capitol/EMI, and RCA/BMG would probably price these CDs expensively.

Disney+esoteric+expensive+limited audience = fat chance.