That's the way for soundtrack CDs!


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even so this is not really Disney-related I thought I had to post a link to this here...

Sony Pictures has come up with an (at least for me) all new way to sell a soundtrack CD for their hit-series Dawson's Creek. At user can first select 14 tracks for their CD and then choose a label. Each CD costs 11.95 plus shipping (international orders have to be payed through PayPal - a bit unprofessional if you ask me).

If you ask me this is the future - a kind of "Disneyland Forever"-System online and then also at a decent price if you ask me. This allows Sony for the first time to release a decent selection of score tracks from the series... now just think of what Disney could do with that system!!! A dream come true ... but then I somehow doubt Disney will do anything similar, it's to progressive :-(


P.S.: don't forget on the 22nd/23rd of March the Main Street Electrical Parade has its final Farewell at the Disneyland Resort Paris - and fans mmet during the fourth fanmeeting to say "Goodby"!


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That's a great idea and if it's profitable for Sony, of COURSE Disney will follow suit. In about 2 or 3 years. When everyone else has gone on to bigger and better forms of music on demand. And even then, they'll charge $25 apiece . And you know what the sad part is?

We'll all buy it .