Thank You, Randy!

Danny Love

New Member
I purchased my copies of "Happiest Millionaire" and "Bedknobs" and am absolutely thrilled to have them on CD (I had 101 Dalmatians from the Disney Store relase a few years ago, and it's also a great listening experience). I never really watched "Bedknobs" much, but the muisc shines courtesy of the talents of the original cast and the Sherman Brothers, and is welcome in my collection! My interest is understandably renewed.

As for "Millionaire", that was always a favorite of mine because it was somewhat different... maybe it stood out because it was one of the only of Disney's films of it's kind without young children in the main roles. Great wordplay from the Sherman Brothers, this film is a very important chapter in their portfolio; each character's attitude and flavor is clearly conveyed through their respective songs with unbelievable ease. There's a lot of fun, catchy (and mostly unreleased!) material on the album and I reccomend it to anyone who might have passed it by as of yet. Watch the movie if you haven't... it's on DVD and VHS, have a watch and see if you can resist the soundtrack.

All in all it's quite a coup, and we have one man to thank for this year's harvest of unearthed rarities, so thanks and much appreciation to Randy Thornton. He's one of us and doing a fantasic job: how's that for "FORTUOSITY"?!

Keep up the excellent work!

-Danny Love