Thank You Randy Thornton!


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I wanted to take a few minutes just to say thanks to Randy for all the great work he has done!It has really bothered me to see so many complaints about the new WDW OA track list ( not here, but on other sites) I don't know of many companies who actually listen to what customers want and work to get such request to them.
It is quite evident that Randy has listened to everyone here as we see that tracks such as "Ellen's Energy Adventure" and the current " One little Spark" are now on the new WDW OA.

It has been amazing to watch the growth of the WDW and DLR OAs since Randy took charge. They have grown from very generic tracks to detailed ride-throughs and now thanks to him we have a 2 disc CD for each resort with ever growing tracks each year!

Not to mention the wonderland project and the soon to be released Archives collection on i-tunes!

Randy you have done a wonderful job.

We know that if anyone has ever criticized your work, they just don't understand the challenges behind releasing great Disney music.

You have stepped up the plate so many times in the face of the challenges and stress (we can't even begin to imagine), and you have produced beautiful work that reflects the very cornerstone of the Walt Disney Company, and especially the Walt Disney spirit.

Thank you so much for continuing to do you your fine work year after year. We are in debt to you!


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I'm just continuing the chorus: thank you for taking our interests and ideas into consideration as you put these OAs together. I am so excited about the new WDW album!

I don't know why this theme park music touches me . . . but it does. What I'm getting at is this: what you do matters, and it is genuinely appreciated by many of us both on this board and off.

Thanks again,
Look, I too think that listening to the fans is nothing shy of terrific.


And yes, I get why this is done - because your average guest expects to hear the classic things - it is getting a bit ridiculous that *every album* is exactly the same. The same tracks in the same order with a fractional percentage of new material.

Like I said, wonderful that the new material is coming in some part directly from fan requests. But understand that charging $25-30 for an album with a few new tracks and 15-20 re-re-re-releases is exactly why many fans are leaning away from actually purchasing the album and instead towards simply downloading MP3s of the small handful of new tracks.

This is in no way meant to be a slam at Randy. It would perhaps be worth considering releasing an album of "just classic attractions" that never needs updating, and then a seperate album of new more "random" selections each year or every other year. I can tell you if that were done, I *would* buy it the day it was released, however, I can just as confidently tell you I *would not* buy this new 06-07 album, just as I did not buy the 50th WDW album, or the album before that which were all basically the same with new package art.

Again, don't take this as an attack. I'm saying exactly how I feel because I believe that the most important thing a person can receive is honest feedback. I just refuse to fluff that feedback like so many others do just because "the real Randy" posts on these boards. That makes it all the more important to be *honest* about this.

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Thanks for setting up this thread -- I also want to take the opportunity to publicly thank Randy for listening to us, and putting so many new and interesting tracks on the new OA. In particular, I'm thrilled to see the Epcot entrance theme, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, and Ellen's Energy Adventure represented this year.

Boomer, I understand your frustration (and share it to some extent), but I also understand the reality of marketing a product like this. It is the presence of "Grim Grinning Ghosts" etc. that makes the official albums viable, and we are just lucky that there is enough room -- and interest on the part of Randy Thornton -- for slipping in material that frankly has less popular appeal. I find it nothing short of miraculous that the OA features a medley taken from Bruce Broughton's score to Ellen's Energy Adventure, something that I have been wanting for years. To me, the recurrence of the 'classic' tracks is acceptable if it give me the opportunity to acquire several of my personal "holy grails."

In a year of a million dreams coming true, the official album -- thanks to Randy Thornton -- is going to do the trick for me.