TDSea's That's Disneytainment CDs


Currently at TDSea there is a new musical special event playing. It's called "That's Disneytainment!" The event features two different shows; one in the daytime and one after dark. The daytime show is "Show Biz Is" Featuring Mickey (Not the same "Show Biz Is" show from the past). The nightime show is "Starlight Jazz". Both show Cds have been on sale at Tokyo Disney Resort since Apr. 29th, and will go on Japan-wide release on May 12th. already has them available for preorder.

The music for "Show Biz Is" is really cool and goes from circus type music to classic Hollywood tunes to Broadway to event some danceable light techno. The "Starlight Jazz" is mostly comprised of memorable jazz tunes with very little if almost, NO Disney stuff at all in it.

Both cd's are great additions in my TDR collection, and I recommend both. ;D

Thanks for the update TDLFAN! I've been watching the show on my computer and was wondering if a CD was planned. How I do wish we had more NEW entertainment in the USA...

I'll be sure to pick up the CD as it becomes available.

For those interested in seeing the fan made video, visit this thread.

Thanks again!