TDS' Rhythms Final! CD


Hi All... FYI!!
Just a quick item here to let you know I watched a preview performance of this year's final season of TDS' Rhythms of the World show. The CD will be out on retail next week in Japan, and is possibly already being sold at the resort. This year's show features a brand new song for the first and last acts, which I assume will also be included in the new CD release. The mid portions of the show remain the same though, no changes there. But if you are an avid TDR music collector...youmay want to get this one cd just for the "FINAL!" edition version of it. Cds for this year's Cinderellabration and Princess Days were released as well but they do not include new music as they are *re-releases* of the previous offerings, with this year's promotional cover photos on the cover of the cd's.. Beware of this, especially if you have the previous cd's and pay import prices to get these releases from Japan.

have a good day...