TDS Main Entrance/ World Bazaar Music

X-S Tech

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I was listening to the Meandering Mouse podcast, and after a trip to TDL, they were talking about how as they entered World Bazaar, the area music playing was the HISTA Theme, and they were confused. I realize that this is probably just one piece from the Main Entrance Loop that plays outside the gates. But they never did mention if once they got further into World Bazaar, the music became more appropriate to the land. Does anyone know if TDL is still in fact using World Bazaar Music?


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It is still its own loop, different from the Main Street USA Loop as well. The audio was a mess in there due to the street being covered.


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Speaking of which, has TDL changed the World Bazaar loop yet? I know that the Main Entrance loop has changed and is more in line with what Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom play, but I have no idea if the World Bazaar loop is the same as it was in 1983.