TDS BraviSEAmo Translation


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Hi all,

Does anyone have a translation of what Mickey Mouse says at the beginning of BraviSEAmo at Tokyo DisneySEA, as well as that dark voice that talks with him? I've listened to the soundtrack over and over and would love to know what they are saying.



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Here you go!

Braviseamo - Translated by disneykw


Good evening everyone!
Is everyone well?
Wah wah wow!
Isn't this amazing?
Ha ha ha
Good evening, ha ha
Is everyone having fun?
Hyah, that way! (Mickey says this to his seahorse chariot)
Wow! Ha ha ha
Wow! Everyone's here!
Wow, ha ha
Amazing, amazing
Ha ha
Welcome everyone
Welcome to this wonderful magical world
Isn't it mysterious
Do you want to know the reason?
Why this place is so magical?
To do this, there is a story to tell
It happened a very long time ago
This is a story that can only be told by the winds of the sea

-The Winds of the Sea

It happened a long long time ago.
The spirit of fire and the spirit of water once lived in two totally different places
They have never even shown their faces to one another
But one day...

Dr. Know

Thanks for the translation...

Man, I wish they would leave the inane chatter off these releases.

I would love to have Gavin Greenaway's music in its unadulterated form... same for Share a Dream Come True.