TDS BraviSEAmo! ?Swept Away? CD release on Feb 21, 2007


I have received the new release information by email from the online shop. Tokyo DisneySea BraviSEAmo! (Complete Edition) will be released on Feb 21, 2007. The CD includes pre show music and ?Swept Away? (exit music). Swept Away is a theme song sung in English after the show. Currently ?Swept Away? is not available on CD.

Pre show music consists of three tracks:
1. Shizukanaru Shitsugen (by Sojiro)
2. Tea-House Moon (by Enya)
3. Unknown

I think that No.1 and No. 2 above are not included on this CD. (Both tracks are available on CD and iTunes?) However, I guess No. 3 would be included on CD.

Anyway, this is great news!

BraviSEAmo! Complete Edition

Just notice. Tokyo DisneySea 5th anniversary DVD will is released in March, 2007.