TDR Xmas CDs releases for 2003


Here are the official TDR Xmas music cd release dates:

Tokyo Disneyland 20th Anniversary Christmas Fantasy 2003 (avcw-12349) will be released on Dec 3rd, 2003.

Tokyo DisneySea Harbourside Christmas 2003 (avcd-12355) will be released on Nov. 27, 2003

Both CD will be priced at Y2,625.

Earlier release is always possible if you go to the parks prior to those days... but not 100% confirmed.

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Hi TDLFAN, thanks for the info.

I need to head to the Storybook Store at the end of this month! I always like TDR's christmas CDs.

Does anyone know if the DisneySea 2003 Harborside Christmas CD and the TDL 2003 Christmas Fantasy CD have new music? Or is it the same shows/parades from last year's versions. Thanks!


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It's mostly new music. That's the good thing about the TDR Christmas events. There is always a change, even if it's a small one.

There are some elements that repeat from year to year, but even if it's the same song, it's usually a different arrangement or recording of it.

The Tokyo Disneyland Christmas Fantasy 2003 CD has a totally new parade too, in addition to the Castle show being drastically different from previous years (musically that is).

Tokyo DisneySea Harborside Christmas 2003 has a new show as well, that incorporates last years "Christmas in New York" song, as well as new ones. Plus there's the "Candlelight Reflections" lagoon show that is completely new.


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Listen to the part of 25:34-35 on Tokyo Disneyland Christmas Fantasy 2003 Track #1 carefully...

You might hear some mysterious voice. ???