TDL's Blazing Rhythms CD *released*



The 2004 version of TDL's muy caliente Blazing Rhythms summer spectacular just got released at the resort around the 18th of July. So you may wonder what is new about this release???? Well, for starters, the show has been expanded to include 3 (!!!) different show modes, each show mode with a different tune in it. You can sample the show mode tunes here by clicking on the links below the 1-2-3 numbered items on this page.

The fact that new music has been composed to supplement last years main theme song,makes this new release a must have for TDR music collectors. You can also visit my Blazing Rhythms photo album here,

The cd (#avcw-12386) track listing is as follows:

1) Parade In.
2) Show 1
3) Show 2
4) Show 3
5) Parade Out.

Rumor is it will be released on national japanese retail on July 28th, but can't confirm it.



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John (and everyone else who does business with CD Japan),

Here is the response I got from CD Japan when I asked them directly about their lack of Disney releases. It took a few tries to get a response, but what I did get explains the situation. Below is the email I got back from them.

>>"Hi. Thank you for writing us
and we're sorry for the late reply.

To be frank with you, we've been informed that
we're unable to list the Disney CDs on our website
because the publisher determined that these CDs
should be sold only for the domestic customers.

We're very sorry for the inconvenience, but we can accept
your orders for Disney CDs as "Special Request Order."
Please check the Disney section on our Japanese website, Neowing
( and
let us know the catalog number of your requested item(s).

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you.
Please understand that we're unable to change the determination
of the publisher. This is beyond our capacities.

We appreciate your kind understanding and look forward to
the opportunity to serve you again.

Best Regards,
Emi Iwamoto


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It does seem a little silly. Why on earth would you NOT want money? Domestic customers would buy regardless, but to cut off your overseas market? I'm sure quite a few people outside of Japan buy these CD's, but I guess, for once, Disney doesn't want money.