TDL Treasures of Fantasy?

hi guys i was wondering if you could help me out?
yesterday i went my local collectible store down the street to my house and to my surprise they had the Tokyo Disneyland Treasures of Fantasy cd set for sale. The price they are asking for is $240.00 i was wondering if this is a good price for this set?. I was able to look at it for a quick second and it was in new condition it has 9 cds and a collectible book in it. Does anyone know what this cd set contains? (As in the cd titles in the set?) is so please let me know i really want this set ive only seen it on ebay twice and hopefully i can get it. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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Yes, I would make sure if it is missing a CD or not. If it's the new 2003 release (called Tokyo Disneyland Treasures of Fantasy Dreams & Adventure) then, it's missing two CD's.

That link DisneyFanatic001 posted is related to the new rerelease of the set. It's pretty much the same.

As for the price, I think $240.00 is reasonable, but for a complete set. It would have cost you about $275.00 new, but that's if you were able to get to Japan and buy it. Importing it would have raised the cost dramatically.

Oh, and depending on which set it is, some extra things came with them.

The 1996 release came with 10 CD's, a book about the contents, a lyric book, a nice lithograph, and a pin.

The 2003 release came with 11 CD's (one called Tokyo Disneyland Street of Fantasy) that was not availible outside of the set. Then it came with a book about the set's contents, and a lyric book. No other freebies were included that I know of.